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How to Become a Social Media Manager?- A Guide for the Enthusiast – Social media account management has come to the fore as one of the most prominent topics in the marketing plans of businesses. This strategy, which seems very easy at first, turns into a very difficult process when it comes to the implementation stage, especially if a social media expert/manager is not employed.

What is social media and how can you use the leverage it creates? In this article, we will tell you how to be a good social media manager. Since publishing low-quality content in the virtual world we live in today carries serious risks, we aim to eliminate the risks with the guide we have prepared.

How to Become a Social Media Manager – An Enthusiast’s Guide

Introduction to Social Media Management


The content you see and love on social media is published by professionals of this business. No one has a magic wand, when a little perspective is blended with knowledge and experience, wonders emerge.

We can briefly call social media channels as mass sharing tools. Today, we look to Twitter to follow the agenda and Instagram to follow the discounts.

We call the person who manages the posts here as SM Expert or Manager. The person or people who analyze, advance, design, monitor and execute the target audience also work as the voice of the company/brand. That sound is expected to always come true.



I’ll do it too, you must have witnessed those around you who stayed on the road saying it was easy. In the work area of ​​an SM Specialist; content marketing, public relations, customer service, SM strategy determination, advertising, outreach volunteering. Depending on the type of managed account, this portfolio may extend.

How to Become a Social Media Manager? – Competencies

gthink outside the box

To manage an account professionally, you are expected to be seriously proficient and competent in some subjects. We listed it in 4 items.

Copywriting : The language you use in your content is the language of your brand. You should improve your texts accordingly. You should remember that you are in charge of promoting your business.

Research : Due to your area of ​​expertise, your notifications should always be open. You should follow the information and developments that may be related to the account you manage. In this way, you can stay on the agenda and share highly interactive.

Social Media Knowledge : Simple but not to be underestimated. If your social media skills are not improving, you will fall behind. The more competent you are, the more accurately you can predict the results of your posts.

Customer Relationship Management : If you are promoting a good or service, you should not forget that your customers are an integral part of you. Customers always inquire and look at their social media accounts for this.

The person in front of you may be the owner of the patisserie in your neighborhood. You have to convince them that what he expects from you is not simple, that you need to think and act outside the box, not just posting photos on Facebook. First of all, you should be aware and conscious of the importance of marketing and branding.

Duties of Social Media Specialist


When you absorb these tasks, you will have a full understanding of the traffic your brand needs.

1- Social Listening: Listening to the needs, needs, and demands of customers is perhaps one of the most important duties of an expert. Truly hearing the customer helps ensure that when a reputational issue arises that threatens brand image, it is resolved quickly.

2- Social Influence: Another important task of the SM specialist is to establish the brand’s authority on social media. Authority is directly proportional to your social influence.

3- Social Networking: As a professional SM specialist, you must establish relationships with influential and authoritative people and create a portfolio. When the day comes, interacting with them will contribute to your awareness.

4- Social Selling: Being on the marketing team means that you are expected to contribute to sales. In return for the budget allocated for Social Media management, you are expected to generate potential customers and direct them to purchasing behavior.

Tips for Social Media Strategy


Work on brand development. Imagine you have a brand from scratch. How would you attract attention, get investment or become a brand that wants to be bought? Working on it will help you get a solid start.

Having information about your target audience will increase the reach of your message when you want to interact with them.

Set realistic goals so you can match your results with your goals. When your goals are not clear, your probability of reaching customers will decrease, and the results you achieve will reduce your motivation. Your priority may be to increase visitor traffic or increase brand awareness. In this way, you can use your previous results as a stepping stone to new goals.

First look is important, we live in a world where we provide this with visuals. Remember that you need to develop a visual content strategy that will promote your brand.

Producing the right content should be included in your strategy planning for the social media management process to go smoothly. Content always wins, but when produced correctly.

Social media management definitely requires attention, talent, creativity and much more. It will also be to your advantage to be educated in the field of marketing and communication. You can become a social media manager with the right ideology and approach.


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