You spend most of your life on social media.

How much of it do you know? Most of you keep the photos and videos taken on their social media accounts. So what should you do to avoid losing them? The thing to do is backup. So what do you know about Facebook and Instagram account backups? We explain the steps to backup social media accounts for you. Are you ready to walk with us?

Making backups of social media accounts

You’ve all had discs where you can put your memories, photos, videos, anything you want to back up. Later, online storage systems emerged; Google doc, Dropbox… However, this storage system is not widely used in our country. As the features of social media increase, many of you keep memories such as photos and videos on social media accounts. Therefore, the protection of social media accounts has gained more importance.

Sometimes even you can forget your memories and backup is something that exists for you to remember all your memories. Perhaps you have shared thousands of words, photos and videos that you do not remember on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

The probability of losing all your data on your social media accounts is very low. However, you can also back up your accounts, record all your user history, story shares, videos, photos and messages.

Every social media uses its own techniques and methods. Regardless, you can access and download your personal data free of charge.

How to backup Instagram account?

The main question you should ask when backing up Instagram is: “What will I back up for?” should be. Because this will be the most decisive question of your backup method. Instead of downloading the photos or videos you want from Instagram one by one, you can download them in bulk.

You can download your photos and videos separately or in bulk with various internet applications such as Instagram. Especially many Google Chrome extensions provide this process. The important thing is to carefully examine the comments about them when choosing the application or plugin you want to use.

You can make Instagram photo backup with the help of a secondary website. Some websites or mobile applications allow you to download your account as a zip file, while also transferring data to Facebook or Flickr.

All these applications work in the same way. To make it simpler and download everything at once, simply click on the “Download your data” button and log in from the password entry screen you are directed to. If you want to download your data individually, you can proceed to the “Select a service” section or you can only select the Create archive option.


How to backup everything on Instagram

With this feature that Instagram provides to its users, you can back up all your data. All the shares, videos, photos and even messages you have made since the first day you use Instagram are sent to your registered e-mail in the system as a zip file. In order to benefit from this batch backup service, your registered e-mail on Instagram must be approved and accessible to your e-mail.

Step by Step Instagram Backup

Open the Instagram app and log in to your account. Go to your profile and tap on the three lines in the upper right corner. Tap on the settings at the bottom of the screen that opens. After entering the settings, tap the privacy and security section and tap the download data option. It is located at the bottom of this screen. Your registered e-mail address in the system is automatically displayed on this screen. After touching the submit download request button, you will be directed to the password entry screen to re-enter your password. After re-entering your password in this field, all your data will be sent to your mail account as a zip.

Users whose Instagram is in English, come to your profile after logging in to your accounts and tap the three lines in the upper right corner in the same way. After entering the settings section at the bottom of the screen that opens, tap on the section that says Privacy and Security. Click on the download your data section here. It is located at the bottom of the screen.

Your registered e-mail address in the system is automatically displayed on this screen. After clicking this button, you will be directed to the password entry screen to re-enter your password. Then, after entering your desired password, all your account data will be sent to your e-mail address as a zip file.

How to Backup Instagram DM?

Instagram direct message backup is also performed in the backup we described above. The backed up zip file contains all the data you can think of. The backup process can take up to 48 hours to complete. For this reason, your message backup may not include photos lost within 1-24 hours.

How to Save Instagram Messages?

Instagram messages will remain unless you delete them and the other party retracts their messages. The best method to save messages is to take screenshots. You can immortalize your messages with a screenshot, and save the sent photos and videos in the same way.

What Data Is In The Instagram Backup File?

When you make an Instagram backup, you have all your data in the zip file sent to your email; Your old and new profile information, your biography information, your comments on the posts shared by others, your likes, your messages, the photos you have uploaded, the videos you have uploaded and all the content…

Why is Instagram Backup Important?

The internet, which continues to work to create a safe environment, is unfortunately still not completely secure. Internet hackers can enter the mail accounts of giant companies and the systems of banks. While this is the case, it will be easy for them to enter various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Regular Instagram account renewal will allow you to recover your data when you encounter such a situation, and it is of great importance in this regard.

[Bonus] If you want your Instagram account not to be hacked, be sure to consider these situations.

– Change your Instagram password regularly, at least every three months.

– Never share your account information with others.

– Do not leave your account open on different devices.

– Make your Instagram backup.

– Do not buy or download party apps and never log in with your password.