When we look at the year 2020, the TikTok application is a popular social media channel that has managed to be among the trends in social media platforms and is frequently used. Especially many brands whose target audience is young people have succeeded in delivering promotions of their products or services to users through the application with TikTok. TikTok advertising services also offer important opportunities for their users. In order to earn on TikTok, you can advertise on the TikTok application by fulfilling some conditions and you can earn significant income with this platform, whose daily active users are constantly increasing.

In addition to these, many different entertaining videos can be watched on the TikTok application, and no user needs to be followed for this. With this feature, it is a frequently preferred social media application. To watch the videos in the TikTok application, all you need to do is enter the “Discover” field or search for videos related to any hashtag. TikTok, which was made available to users with the beta version of its founder, Chinese Zhang Yiming in 2019, first agreed with well-known brands such as Adidas, Nike and Apple and published the ads of these brands without the application. So, how to advertise on TikTok? Let’s take a closer look in detail.

Create TikTok Ad Account

Creating a TikTok Ad Account

In order to advertise through the TikTok application, the account must first be taken to the advertising account. For advertisements, the required registration procedures must be done from the TikTok advertisement page and then logged in.

After the ad account is created, go to the campaign tab from the billboard and click on create from there. The target audience is created according to the campaign selection. After the goal has been created, this page will ask you to give your campaign a name. After the campaign is named, the total budget is defined and the amount must be at least 500 dollars.

After these processes, the area and target audience to be promoted are selected. There are many different parameters in determining the area and target audience. Some of these are gender, age, location, interest and device. You can choose any of these options you want.

After the target setting process, you need to specify how much budget you have allocated for each ad to be published. In addition, the time and date of the advertisements to be broadcast can be determined at this stage.

In addition to these, there is a feature called budget pacing in the ad details in the TikTok application. Thanks to this feature, it is determined how much the amount will be spent during the duration of the advertisement. For example, if the amount to be spent is activated with the standard publishing option, this budget will be spent equally throughout the promotion.

After the actions taken, the ads that are requested to be published are made by determining the target audience to be reached through the application. After selecting the target audience, the ads can be broadcast from the application by choosing one of the options such as optional clicks or impressions.

The last step in the TikTok advertisement phase is the creation of the advertisement to be published. Advertisements to be broadcast through the application can be horizontal, vertical, visual or square.