Instagram'da Müşteriler ile Nasıl Etkileşim Kurulur

Of course, there are brands and institutions that show interest in Instagram and advertise in Turkey, as in the rest of the world. Turkish Airlines, Turkcell and Ülker are examples of this.

If you want to advertise on Instagram, I recommend you to read the rest of this article.

Instagram provides high visibility and recognition to institutions and brands thanks to the increasing number of users and the high interaction it has created, while increasing the communication between existing and potential customers.

So, How to Advertise on Instagram?

  • Link Your Instagram Account to Your Facebook Account

Before you advertise on Instagram, you need to link your Instagram account to your Facebook page. So you can start creating your ads with Facebook Power Editor.

After logging into your Facebook page, click the settings tab in the upper right corner, then go to Instagram Ads and then Add Ad to Account.

If you do not have an Instagram account, you can open a new account on Facebook. If you have an existing Instagram account, you need to enter your Instagram username and password with the Add Existing Account button. After completing this process, your Instagram account will be linked to your Facebook page.

When advertising on Instagram, you need to determine very well for what purpose you are giving. You can create ads for three purposes: increasing your website traffic, downloading mobile applications and viewing videos.

For this purpose, you need to choose one of three ad units: photo, video and carousel ad units. Photo and Video ads allow users to click on the relevant web page, while Carousel ads are an ad unit containing multiple photos that users can browse.

With these three types of advertising, you can get results in line with your goals and objectives.

  • Set Your Target Segment

While advertising on Instagram, we come across many options used in Facebook ads. Location, demographics, interests, etc…

You can use these features in the same way when advertising on Instagram. When setting a target, I advise you to pay particular attention to location, age and gender options. For example, you do not want your ad targeting working mothers to be seen by high school students.

  • Share Remarkable, Engaging Images

The target segment you have set in Instagram ads will quickly understand the stock photos and the interaction rate will be low. Either use your own photos or, if you have a graphic designer, create a custom image for the ad.

  • Create Call to Action

Instagram ads do not have a specific text limit like Facebook ads do. While creating your images, it will be good for you to take care of sharing by taking action such as text or click the link, become a member, tag your friend, in order to turn this situation into an opportunity.

Followers of my blog have read my article about the use of hashtags on Instagram. Those who have not downloaded the Hashtag User Guide can download it here. Use hashtags for your target segment on Instagram. Thus, you can create interaction between your target segment and the hashtag you have determined for your brand or used before.

How to Advertise on Instagram? I tried to answer your question for you in this article. With the increase in Instagram ads, you can create a report about the ads you will give. It is very important to ensure that your followers stay in touch with you after you publish an advertisement that will attract the attention of your target audience. With the right and strategic approach you will determine in Instagram marketing, you can get great results for your own brand and show your difference.

What do you think about advertising on Instagram? Have you used Instagram ads for your own brand or institution? If you have any tips you can suggest for other brands and institutions, I would appreciate it if you would share them with me in the comments section.