Since you are reading this article, you are one of those who want to advertise on Instagram or you want to learn 5 Steps How to advertise on Instagram.

In this article, I will try to answer the question of 5 Steps How to advertise on Instagram? step by step with Facebook Power Editor.

First of all, companies and businesses of almost any size can now advertise on Instagram. ggggmyimg0

1- Link your Facebook page to Business Manager

The first step you will take to start advertising on Instragram is to link your Facebook page to the Business Manager on Facebook. If you have already done this, you can skip this step.

However, you must install Facebook Business Manager. You can see the “Start” button at the bottom of the Facebook for business page.

1-Business Manager nasıl kurulur

The next step is to answer questions about your job or company.

2-Business Manager nasıl kurulur - devam

Then you will need to select your Facebook page. But if you don’t have a page, you can open it easily.

3-Business Manager nasıl kurulur - devam

You have to fill in your personal information.

4-Business Manager nasıl kurulur - devam

If you have not set up your Business Manager account and connected it to your Facebook page yet, you need to go to Business Manager and add your page. To do this, you need to select the page from the Business settings.

5 - Yeni Business Manager Nasıl Kurulur

2- Add your Facebook Ads Account to Business Manager

As the next step, you need to connect your Facebook ad account that you want to use for Instagram to Business Manager. To do this, select the page account you want to advertise from in the Business settings.

9- Business Manager'a Reklam hesabı ekleme

Here you can add your Facebook ad account to Business Manager. Here you can create a new account, select an existing account, or request a login to another company’s account.

7- Business Manager'a Reklam hesabı ekleme- devam

If you have a Facebook ad account, go to Facebook ad manager account settings and copy your account ID. Then select Request ad account for Business Manager and paste your account ID into the field you see below.

8- Business Manager hesabı için reklam ID hesabı belirleme

3- Link your Instagram account to Business Manager

As the next step, you need to connect your Instagram account that you want to advertise to Business Manager. To do this, you need to select “Instagram accounts” from the settings as shown below.

10- Business Manager hesabına instagram hesabı ekleme

Then you need to enter your Instagram account by entering your Instagram account information.

1-Business Manager nasıl kurulur0

Then the business manager will direct you to link your Instagram account you want to advertise with with your Facebook ad account.

1-Business Manager nasıl kurulur1

4- Create your Instagram ad in Power Editor

After all the processes I have mentioned above, you can see if you can advertise by going to Facebook Ads Power Editor. You can find the Power Editor link under the Ad accounts heading in Business Manager.

1-Business Manager nasıl kurulur2

If you are using Power Editor for the first time, you may be asked to download a few extra things, including your Facebook ad account.

1-Business Manager nasıl kurulur3

Then you will see a message on your screen that shows you can use Instagram ads as follows.

1-Business Manager nasıl kurulur4

If you do not see this message, it will be enough to press the + sign and create a campaign button.

1-Business Manager nasıl kurulur5

After completing these processes, you can create a new campaign or select an existing campaign. Depending on the advertising goals and objectives, which are very important for getting high returns in Instagram ads, you can specify action keys such as Click Website, Download Mobile Application or View Video.

1-Business Manager nasıl kurulur6

After determining the Instagram ad objectives, you will need to select the existing ad set or click the button to create a new ad and create your new ad.

1-Business Manager nasıl kurulur7

After clicking the Create ad button, you will go to your campaign section in the Power Editor. Here you will enter the amount of budget you have allocated for your ad, and then you will click the button to see the ad edits.

1-Business Manager nasıl kurulur8

In the ad settings, you can specify the daily or how many ads you want and set the start date of the Instagram ad you want.

1-Business Manager nasıl kurulur9

As you can see below, you can rearrange your Instagram ad and set your target segment, age range and date.

2-Business Manager nasıl kurulur - devam0

If you have determined the segment you target in Instagram ads, you need to press the right button next to New Audience. Otherwise, you need to hit the Edit targeted segment button and click on the ad target options.

2-Business Manager nasıl kurulur - devam1

It’s time to place your ad, if you want your ad to be published only on Instagram, remove all options except Instagram.

2-Business Manager nasıl kurulur - devam2

After choosing the location of Instagram ads, adjust the fee you want to pay according to the return you expect from the ad, according to how much you want to be paid when your ad is shown.

2-Business Manager nasıl kurulur - devam3

Finally, choose either Standard or Expedited delivery/display results.

2-Business Manager nasıl kurulur - devam4

When you have finished editing your ad settings, you can proceed to editing your ad. To do this, click on the ad icon on the Left as shown below and then create your Instagram ad by selecting your Facebook page and Instagram account.


After doing the above, you will see your ad as follows.

2-Business Manager nasıl kurulur - devam6

When you complete this process, press the green Upload Changes button to submit your ad to Facebook.

2-Business Manager nasıl kurulur - devam7

After the upload is complete, you can see your new ad in the ad manager.


5- Reviewing Instagram ads backlinks

After all the troublesome steps, your ads have started to run on Instagram. So, can you reach the goals you have set? Are ads an effective method for you? You can learn the answers to all these questions by regularly following the Ads Manager section. As seen in the example below, it is obvious that Instagram ads created with a $50 budget gain much higher engagement than Facebook Ads. You also need to determine your campaign goals very well within the budget you will set and follow the results.

2-Business Manager nasıl kurulur - devam9


If you also want to use visual posts to promote your company or business or products and services, Instagram is a very strong candidate for a social advertising platform that you should definitely use, or at least try.

Well, are you also considering advertising on Instagram? Or have you advertised on Instagram before? I would appreciate it if you would share your results and experiences with me below.