Stories is one of the most important sections for Instagram users. The Stories section is being developed a little more every day with new updates. The last feature added to the Instagram stories section was the ability to add music. In this article, we will answer the question of How to Add Music to Stories on Instagram?.

Instagram is one of the applications that constantly updates itself and adds new features. The most popular application of the social sharing platform can be shown as the stories feature. Instagram users who share in the Stories section will now have the right to add music to these posts.


Instagram users have the opportunity to add music to their Instagram stories whenever they want after the new update. The idea of ​​​​supporting the posts in the Stories section with music got users very excited.

The feature of adding music to Instagram stories created excitement, but Instagram users began to explore how to add this. The question of How to Add Music to Stories in Instagram? can be answered as follows;

Enter the Instagram application.

Go to the Stories section and first add the photo to be shared.

After adding the photo to be shared, the screen is moved up to the insertion panel.

Click on the music icon in the panel that opens.

A desired song from the search section that opens when the music icon is clicked. It is searched and then added to the stories.

After adding the selected music, the photo with the music added can be shared.


Add music to Instagram stories has more than 39 million songs. In order to select the desired song from these songs, the name of the preferred song should be written in the search bar. If the shared song has lyrics, the lyrics will also be automatically displayed in the stories section.

Instagram users can change the animation and text style of the lyrics at any time. He can make your story much different by using the stickers he wants. With the music feature added to the Stories feature, it is possible to share beautiful things.


Instagram users, has the right to choose the music they will use in the stories application among 39 million options. The question of where does Instagram get the music added to the stories can be answered as follows;

Music to be added to Instagram stories, It comes from Spotify. As part of this new feature, jointly prepared by Instagram and Spotify, users will receive the music they choose through Spotify. Instagram users have the right to choose from all the music on Spotify.


The feature of adding music to Instagram stories has created quite a stir among users. Many users immediately opened Instagram stories to try this new feature. However, it was learned that some users could not see the feature to add music despite following the steps.

The feature of adding music to Instagram stories is not available, what should I do?The question can be answered as follows; Users who cannot see the music add section when they come to the Instagram stories section should update. Adding Music to Stories feature in Instagram is a feature that was offered to users with the last update.

Users who cannot add music to stories should look at the stories section again after the last update of the application. It will be easily seen that the music plugin has arrived after the update.

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