Instagramda fotograflarınızı nasıl organize etmelisiniz

Instagramda fotograflarınızı nasıl organize etmelisinizWe all want to share our exciting and happy moments on Instagram.

If you are reading this article, you probably also use instagram for business or as a marketing tool. Therefore, your posts must be planned, organized and the sharing times must be determined.

If you’re doing it this way, you have a lot of content to share and you’re going back and forth between your mobile device and computer. As such, organizing your content without wasting time will be very important for an effective Instagram management.

Those who manage a

corporate instagram account have dozens, maybe hundreds, of photos taken on both mobile devices and professional cameras. Since these photos will be used for promotional and marketing purposes, various changes and arrangements must be made on them. You may need to turn these posts into messages or graphics by writing on the sky, cityscapes or different photos.

Combine all your posts

Are the photos you will share on your mobile device? On the tablet? Or is it registered on your computer? Or someone shared it with you via dropbox?

When it comes to finding the photo to share, I am aware that it is not easy to find the photo that you can edit and change from among so many different places.

So get all your photos together. Determine which sharing medium will be easy for you. If it is easy to work from the PC, work from there, or if it is easy for you to work on a mobile device, collect all your shares on the mobile environment. Whatever situation is good for you, choose the one that is easy and convenient for you.

I know this is not easy. You can send the photos to yourself via email and then download them to the device you want. However, this may seem difficult as it is both time consuming and email service companies allow to attach a certain number of photos to the email.

Well, what else can you do differently? Below you can find various usage tips.

  • You can transfer your photos to PC with simultaneous synchronization of your mobile device and PC. Although it takes some time, it is a useful method.
  • Use Dropbox. Use Dropbox on both mobile and PC. So you can find the photos on both devices.
  • Use PhotoSync. You need to download this application on both your mobile device and computer. Both devices need to work over the same wifi and be in sync.

Organize your photos

Now that you have collected all your photos on one device, it is very easy for you to organize your photos.

However, you need to do more to organize your posts on Instagram.

You need to categorize your photos and put the photos you will use most often in an easy-to-find place. You can create category files on the device you will use.

You can create categories as follows:

  • Promotional Photos
  • Background photos
  • Product and workplace photos
  • Marketing promotional photos
  • Season – Seasonal photos

You can create other categories that will be useful for you. Thus, you can be more organized.

If your business has more than one branch or manages more than one Instagram account, or if you have a lot of content to share, you can separate all the content according to these categories.

Now that your content is categorized,How should you organize your photos on Instagram, you can easily find the answer to the question and share them without wasting time.