Influencerlar Aylık Ne Kadar Para Kazanıyor?

Many people in Turkey curiously examine how much Influencers earn. However, Influencer fees have a structure that can change every month. Because advertising fees, sponsorships and YouTube do not bring the same income every month.

In addition, the number of subscribers is also very important for earnings. Although there is no specific number of followers to start making money, people with less than 100,000 subscribers earn less.

However, even more important than that, is how well your name is recognized in digital media. No matter how high the follower count is, earnings will drop if people don’t know you. Although the income received from advertisements varies, there are Influencers earning between 2,000 and 20,000.

While you can earn between 13 and 14 thousand Turkish Liras during the campaign periods of the brands from link sharing, you can earn between 1,000 and 7,000 TL depending on watching on YouTube. As can be understood, there is no specific number here.

Which Methods Do Influencers Make Money With

Influencers earn income using different methods. While these are quite a lot, the most common ones are as follows;

  1. YouTube Channel
  2. Ads
  3. Link Sharing

So how do you Become an Influencer? If you want to have your name printed here, you must first share quality and original content and stand out with them. Thus, it is possible to come to a point.

However, in order to become an Influencer from now on, you need to get help from an Influencer and introduce you. Thus, your name gradually begins to be heard in the market. What you should note is that if your stats are not enough, this will not happen at the very beginning.

So this is not a short process. Because it is long, you need to continue on your way patiently.

YouTube Channel

Making money on YouTube has been a practice for years. Although YouTubers come to mind first, Influencers also earn from this.

As it is known, making money on YouTube is determined by watching. For this reason, how much income a person will get from here varies. However, it is seen that there are amounts such as 1,000 Turkish Liras in the lowest views.

If the monthly views are too high, this figure can go up to 7,000 Turkish Liras.


Advertisements are one of the areas where Influencers earn the most. Because every company wants to advertise its products and itself.

Although there are many companies on social media, it is necessary to adapt to the platform in order to sell. At this point, Influencers come to the fore in order to sell more and to advertise perfectly.

Because they have a large fan base, a product they advertise is primarily wanted to be bought by their fans. Although the Influencer fees in the advertisement vary depending on the agreement with the company, the earnings rates are quite high.

Link Sharing

Today, every brand makes some campaigns from time to time. Its purpose is to reach more people. But if the necessary advertising is not done, people will not be aware of it. Thus, all transactions can be wasted.

At this point, brands agree with Influencers and request options such as link sharing and campaign announcement. Although the wages differ here, it is possible to earn between 13 and 14 thousand Turkish Liras during the campaign period.

If you want to be an Influencer, you should not forget that these people also have legal responsibilities. There are many taxes they pay including VAT. For this reason, your accounting and accounting skills should also be quite good.

If you also evaluate them before you start, you can better decide whether you want to be.