YouTube İzlenme Başına Kaç TL Veriyor?

Many people are making money on YouTube today. Therefore, questions such as 1,000,000 views how many TL attract the attention of many people. In the light of information received from content producers abroad, a video that gets 1 million views earns between 2 thousand and 40 thousand dollars. Therefore, there is no exact value here.

These high numbers make many people want to get involved by opening a YouTube channel. But first you need to know how you can make money. These methods are as follows;

  1. Monetization from ads
  2. Selling products
  3. Executing brand deals

These methods will help you earn an income from the platform. However, there are some conditions as well. Because in order to participate in the Partner Program, more than 4,000 hours of views in the last 12 months are required. There are also conditions such as having more than 1,000 subscribers and an AdSense account.

Monetization from Ads

If you want to start making money with YouTube, you first need to be patient. Because this will not happen in a short time, and when it starts, it will be at very low numbers. As your content quality increases, your earnings will constantly increase.

When you meet the conditions mentioned above and are accepted into the Partner Program, it becomes possible for you to earn money. Here are the most commonly used ads. Earnings are earned based on the ads watched.

Here, an ad type must be selected first. These are

  1. Display ads,
  2. Ads with overlay,
  3. Skippable video ads,
  4. Non-skippable video ads,
  5. Bumper ads,

They are in the shape of

and they all have different properties. So first of all ? You should go to the link, review all of them and make a choice accordingly.

The most important trick to consider here is the video duration. Because if you exceed 10 minutes, it becomes possible to show ads in the middle of the video. But the key word here is quality. Because unnecessary extensions cause falls.

Selling Products

There are multiple ways to earn income on YouTube. Although advertisements are used frequently, they are not the only solution. Although the YouTube earnings calculation is not exact as it will vary for each user, the sale of products and services generates a large amount of return.

For example, if you are confident in your painting skills, you can show the products you make and offer them for sale; You can get portraits from people via YouTube. Although this example can be replicated, your sales will increase as you improve your relations with your subscribers.

Executing Brand Agreements

Another item that makes it possible to make money with YouTube is to make agreements with brands. This has the same logic as getting advertisements from brands that can be done on social media accounts.

To put it briefly, by advertising a brand, you include it in your video. As a result, the relevant company offers you a certain amount of income. To get started with this system, you must first contact a brand.

The trick here is to refer to places relevant to your channel. For example, if you have a make-up channel, it is very difficult for a company that sells cars to approve you. However, if you apply to a cosmetics company and your account is of high quality, it is quite high.

What Should Be Considered While Making Money With YouTube?

If you want to make money with YouTube, there are different items to consider. These are not paying attention to the number of subscribers, viewers and likes. Because as your rates decrease, subscribers will think that the video is of poor quality.

In this case, you will suffer a huge loss, as the platform does not count views until a certain second. If you want to receive advertisements from companies and the brand sees you as inadequate, they will most likely reject it. Because he does not think that you will do well with his advertisement. Therefore, paying attention to them is also important for making money.