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How should Instagram story examples be, the subject of small and large-scale companies working in areas such as sales, marketing, advertising and promotion through the Instagram platform. It has become the most researched subject. Apart from the posts with visual and video content shared on social media, the rush of stories with only 24-hour visibility started with Snapchat. In 2016, it introduced the story feature to its users with the update it made on Instagram.

Many usage opportunities have been brought to the story feature, which has undergone many variations until today. As such, the anxiety of being liked on Instagram has started to increase. What you need to create different and interesting Instagram stories with new features coming every day is your creativity and a few tricks that we will mention in the rest of our article.

How Instagram Story Examples Increase Engagement

Instagram stories is the only weapon to increase engagement these days. With the incoming updates and existing Instagram features, you can create the most striking and ideal shares in line with the Instagram story ideas that we will give below.

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  1. Whatever the content of the story and the nature of the posts are, it should draw attention with the color harmony used! : Imagine you have a boutique-style Instagram page. You should know that recently, vintage products are mostly preferred. You can give a nostalgic atmosphere by using worn filters in the stories where you will promote the products. For this, Instagram story filters will help you. You can even animate the story by adding songs that fit the concept in stories with video content, where you internalize the event a little and show the clothes in your collection.
  2. Make sure to include your logo in product promotions in your stories!: More images than text remain. Including a reassuring logo design in your stories without overwhelming the customer will ensure product brand matching and remain in the customer’s subconscious as a code. class=”wp-block-image”>
    instagram hikaye örnekleri
  • Use guide content in your stories! Every day you can use stories that contain a step, subject to a certain concept. Sharing that you will make as a continuation of each other will help to arouse both expectation and curiosity. For example, you are a dietitian and you manage an Instagram page where you market an online consultancy service. You can share interesting posts about daily food lists or the calorie values ​​of foods in the story every day.
  • Use the countdown feature for your campaigns in your stories! With the countdown feature that you can use in Instagram stories, you can announce your campaigns within a certain period of time. Using eye-catching headlines without giving details about the details of the campaign will do your job.

Interact User With Lottery and Similar Activities

  1. Discount coupons or raffle shares! If you are running an e-commerce site, you should use a minimal budget from your annual income. You can use it for sweepstakes and coupons. You can highlight the deadlines of the raffles with time-limiting story features. This move is very important for your recognition and attention.
  2. Design Instagram posts to direct them to the product! It is very important to keep your followers informed of each new product. In addition, directing you to the site or share where you sell the products will greatly facilitate shopping for potential customers. However, we would like to remind you that you can only benefit from this feature when you pass the 10 thousand followers threshold on Instagram.
  3. Organize surveys over stories! Getting customer’s suggestions and opinions has always created positive preliminary impressions. Interactive sharing, such as surveys, greatly supports this.
  4. Include hashtags in stories! You can use the tags that we know as Instagram hashtags in a way that does not leave the design of your share in the background. For example, choosing to use the #blackfriday tag during sale times helps increase the visibility of your page.

How should Instagram story examples be,In our article named , we briefly talked about how you can make Instagram stories interesting.

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Can Instagram stories increase engagement?

Sharing stories that will excite an audience and sharing the shares in the discover section first increases your potential follower count and then your interaction count.

Do Instagram stories affect product sales of pages?

A good social If you are a media user, with the quality Instagram stories you will make, You can make a meaningful difference in your sales. For this, you can get help from the tricks in our article.

How can I bring my brand to the fore on Instagram?

You can make your brand stand out by integrating the features given to you with unique designs in order to beautify your Instagram stories.

How remarkable Instagram can i make the story?

You can use design programs for an attractive and quality story. Making your account visible to everyone can work so that more people see your stories. Using the new music addition feature will also help you to make your stories stand out.

Is there an application that I can use to edit stories on Instagram?

You can edit your story using applications such as PicsArt, Canva, Spark Post.

How to download Instagram story?

For this, you need to download a program, for example, download the Repost Story For application from the App Store and log in to your account, then the application will ask for permission to use the gallery. You can download it to your phone.

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