Instagramda hashtag ile paylasim nasil yapilir

You know that Instagramda hashtag ile paylasim nasil yapilirInstagram has recently changed its algorithm on its timeline. The Instagram timeline is published based on the popularity of the photos. Users, on the other hand, do not seem very satisfied with this situation. Because, just like on Facebook, the posts on the timeline are based on popularity. Now, before sharing, it will be necessary to make shares that will gain popularity and develop a strategy accordingly.

As I mentioned above, many users complain about this, because the shares may not be popular at once and disappear among other shares in a short time.

So how do you make your Instagram posts more visible to the right people at the right time

With Hashtags of course!

Many readers who follow my blog have read the information I shared about hashtag strategies. First-time visitors can find the article on how to develop the right hashtag strategy in social media here.

Let’s talk briefly about how you should develop your hashtag strategy;

  • Try to use popular hashtags used in photo captions while sharing your posts on Instagram. You can use many hashtags, but try to use the most used hashtags.
  • After sharing your posts on Instagram, you can add up to 30 hashtags in the comment section. However, these hashtags must be relevant, specific to your posts, relevant to your followers, and do not include an invitation to follow.
  • Create your own list of custom hashtags. Have them ready somewhere on your phone for quick use, and use these hashtags as soon as you post.

For example;

  • Location – Location hashtags
  • Group and organization hashtags
  • Activity hashtags
  • Special campaign hashtags
  • Special theme hashtags
  • Hashtags for popular culture
  • You can use branded hashtags.

As a result;

As soon as you post on Instagram, paste the hashtags you have recorded in the comment section and consider sharing the hashtags that are used a lot, especially when using popular hashtags. Instagram displays hashtags in top posts. (These are the hashtags that show the most recent posts in chronological order) Trying to stay on top with popular hashtags will not be easy due to the concept of time. Therefore, the hashtags you will share as soon as you share are popular hashtags, which will make your Instagram posts appear at the top in a short time. Already, many users will be using the hashtags you share, although it will be seen by many users, but this will be very short.

Niche and less-used hashtags can be used later and thus, if not overused, can make you appear higher later on. Such hashtags will enable users to gain followers with high engagement rates. Thus, users who are especially interested in your posts will follow you.

If you do not want the comment section to appear entirely with hashtags, you can ask your friends or acquaintances to write comments in the comment section. Hashtags you have shared will not appear after you receive at least two comments. I wanted to share this with you as a tip.

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