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Facebook users can access anytime can view the Profiles of people who are registered or not in their accounts. In addition, many Facebook users want to see the people who view their Profile. What kind of method should be applied for this is one of the most researched topics. In this article, we will explain what can be done to see who is viewing your Facebook Profile.

See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile ?

Contrary to what many think, there is no official way to see who viewed your Facebook Profile. In other words, Facebook does not offer a regulation to help people in this regard. Informal ways to see who viewed your Facebook Profile are available.

Facebook How Do I Know Who Has Viewed My Profile?

There are multiple ways to see who has viewed your Facebook Profile. All of these roads are unofficial roads. While these paths are not guaranteed, they can also help Show who viewed the Profile.

Ways to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

To be able to see who is viewing your Facebook Profile can be listed as follows;

  • Learning Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile Programlessly
  • Profile viewing notification with Chrome extension
  • Viewing using a browser
  • Viewing via Android app
  • Viewing via social sharing application

Find Out Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Programlessly!

With your Facebook account open, enter your profile.

Right click on an empty section and Click ” View page source”.

Press ” Ctrl + F” keys on the page that opens. In the search space “, “InitialChatFriendsList Write ”.

Copy the numbers below. For example, “100000671315747” copy the following numbers from this part 100000671315747

The numbers you copied are “www.facebook.com/write here” and go to the address.

The id addresses of people who view your profile frequently will be there.

How to Notify Chrome Extension Profile View?

The first way to determine who sees your Facebook Profile Use the Chrome browser plugin is to use. To view with this method;

  • Firstly, you need to download the browser extension
  • For this, the browser extension is downloaded from the Chrome web store
  • Blue color when adding the extension Click the Add to Chrome button and the download will be performed
  • After the installation, the extension installation notification will come
  • After the installation, Facebook will open
  • Look at the blue navigation bar on Facebook
  • This bar A new link named visitors will be created on it
  • Click on the link that says Visitors and people who visited the Profile can be viewed here

Viewing Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Using Browser

It is also sufficient to use only a browser to view the viewers of the Facebook Profile. To view with this method;

  • Login to Facebook address
  • Click on the name of the ones given on the blue navigation bar on the news feed
  • Anywhere on the page to get the menu right click
  • Click on View Page Source (View page source) in the menu that opens
  • After this action, a long page of codes will appear
  • Press the Ctrl + F key on this page
  • As a result of this action, a group of numbers appears on the screen
  • You can see who viewed the Profile by adding these numbers after facebook.com/

    Viewing Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Via Android App

    with Android operating system phone users can take action through the application to see who has accessed their Facebook Profile. To use this method;

    • Who Viewed My Profile on Android? The application named is downloaded
    • After the installation of this application, the application drawer opens
    • After the application, Facebook login is logged
    • Facebook account credentials are entered on the page that opens
    • Requested permissions are granted through the application
    • After this process, it will be possible to view who viewed the Profile

    Viewing Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Via Social Sharing Application


    This method is mostly used for iOS operating systems. valid for system users. To view those who view your Facebook Profile on the iOS operating system;

    • Social Fans application is downloaded
    • Logged in with Facebook information through the application
    • This The application is offered for a fee.
    • People who subscribe to the application can see who is viewing their Facebook Profile with monthly or weekly payments.

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