Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru

Instagram is used for many different purposes, such as sharing the food you eat with your friends, showing your favorite and newly bought clothes, or sharing your last trip and travel moments. One of the questions that have been asked to me recently is how products can be sold on Instagram.

In this article, I will answer questions about this and share tips on selling products on Instagram.

Display your products

Since sharing your products and displaying your products are two different things, I think this issue is not clearly understood. If you are shooting your products on a shelf, in a box or in a clearer environment, this will be to share a photo of your products. Exhibiting your products will be by photographing them where they are used or by photographing how they are used. If your product is jewelry such as gold, silver, etc., do not share them by placing them on objects such as tables, coffee tables. Share your product by combining it with one of the season outfits or with a ring. The point is, you have a restaurant, you can share your meals on the menu not as before they are served, but on a table decorated with a beautiful candle. Combine your products with a story, create a harmonious atmosphere around your products.

User-created content is also a separate product display method. If your customers are sharing about your product, share them again in your accounts. This will not only highlight the use of your products, but also increase the interest of users and ensure a positive communication with your followers.

There are countless ways to showcase your products. Thanks to the shares you have made, you will establish an emotional and constructive connection with your customers and followers. Thus, your followers will see how they will use the products and will really want to buy it.

Share price details

If you really want to attract customers and indicate that you are selling your products, use 3rd party applications. If you have a product on sale, share the discount amount on the photo with a red tag, even if your followers don’t pay attention to your posts, they will see the sale price or discount price of the product.

Sometimes, price sharing is not preferred by some businesses as it will frighten customers. If you do not want to share the price, you can invite your followers to see your products by writing descriptions such as “Available” or “Limited Edition” or “New Seasonal Product” on the photo and thus make sales.

Write Product Description

Defining products will vary based on your brand, purposes, and products. You can define your products and the photos you share by creating a story. You can also share how long the products are/will be available and inform your followers. Of course, it is your choice to share detailed descriptions of the products. You can also share the price information of the products in the description, that they are in limited numbers or that there is a down payment or installment discount. Whatever definition you make, your goal should be to attract the attention of your followers and attract them to buy. At the same time, share with your followers where they can find the product. Be sure to share your website address.

Share Your Website Link

Make sure to write the hyperlink of your website in the Instagram bio. If you want to sell your products on Instagram, you need to write your website address correctly. The link you have written may also go to the homepage, product page or another page related to your products. This depends on how often you post your products on Instagram and update your website. Make sure that your followers and customers will be able to find your product on your website after clicking on the link you shared.

Know that Instagram is not just a platform where you can sell your products. Like all other social media platforms, it is a platform where you make posts that will impress your customers and they will share what you have shared. They will sell their products using Instagram, and such shares should not be neglected. Your Instagram account should be an account where all your posts are not for product sales and social shares.

Well, have you ever used Instagram as a sales platform? How do you sell your products on Instagram, what are the methods you have tried. Please specify them in the comment section. Thanks and good sales in advance.

Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru