Hashtag Kullanim Rehberi icin Tiklayin

3d Instagram Iconinstagram, which reached 300 million monthly active users last year, will become an even more popular social media application in 2015. Especially the young population stops using Facebook accounts and starts to use Instagram actively.

For young people, Instagram offers an easier control, especially in terms of security, after a big social media platform like Facebook. Compared to Facebook, Instagram’s features are limited, but on Instagram it is easier to hide your photos or determine who sees them. Instagram is used by many different people and institutions all over the world, from celebrities to brands, from regular users to companies that provide services.

Instagram Hashtags

One of the most important features of Instagram is hashtags. In my article about What is hashtag, I mentioned its use in social media, and you can find more detailed usage with Hashtag Usage Guide. Instagram users can find the photos they are interested in thanks to the hashtag. When searching on Instagram, there are two ways to search. The first is by searching with hashtags and the second is by searching for Instagram users by their usernames. The hashtags to be used can be different from food to cities, from events to celebrations.

Things to consider when using hashtag

Many Instagram users are not aware of the importance of using the right hashtags on Instagram. Some users are sharing two or three hashtags that are not related to the photos they share. This is one of the most important elements in hashtag sharing. Therefore, checking that you use the correct and relevant hashtag while sharing hashtags will be more effective in terms of reaching both the relevant people and more people. By adding more than one hashtag to the photo you share, you will also ensure that your photos reach more people.

When sharing hashtags, make sure that the hashtag does not consist of a long word. If you share hashtags with long words, your chances of being in searches will be very low. Another thing to note is that since other people may have used the hashtag you used, only the photo related to that hashtag will appear. If your Instagram profile is private, only users who follow you and allow them to follow you will be able to see your photos related to the hashtag they are looking for.

Instagram Hashtag? Twitter Hashtag ?

Instagram application contains millions of photos, and you need to use hashtags for the photos you share in order to easily reach the sought after photos. No matter how effective the title you write on your Instagram post is, it will not appear in searches. If the word you shared does not carry the # sign, it will not be detected as a hashtag and no one will be able to find your posts. Hashtags are a very important feature of Instagram. Even brands use hashtag when promoting their products and services. Instagram hashtags are as effective as Twitter hashtags, but when what you’re looking for on Instagram is a photo, on Twitter this is what’s called tweets.

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