Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru

If you have an active instagram account that receives frequent and multiple posts, it can be difficult to follow the comments on your posts.

In the Instagram application, you can see the latest and the latest 75 notifications made to your posts. Therefore, those who have a very active account may not be able to follow likes, comments and notifications of new followers and comments.

I would like to tell you today about 3 applications that you can follow comments on the posts on your Instagram profile.


With the new name Iconosquare , previously known as Statigram, you can access statistics and other information about your Instagram account. With iconsquare, a free desktop application, you can develop strategies suitable for your instagram follower profile.

This application also allows you to follow and manage your instagram profile. If you go to the manage tab at the top of the page, you can see the most recent comments on your posts. Notification bubbles will show you how many new comments have arrived.

New posts make your job much easier by showing how many comments have been written and other unread comments with a blue dot next to them.

You can read, delete and directly reply to comments made on Iconaquare.

However, this tool shows your most recent comments and the 5 posts that received comments.


I would say Hootsuite is one of the best tools for managing your Instagram account. Although it does not allow you to share on Instagram, you can manage comments and shares of your followers.

You can add your Instagram account to your Hootsuite account. To follow the comments made, you need to select the “My Photos” button. So you can see all the comments and likes. To see the newly made comments, just press the refresh button.

With this application, you can reply to comments and interact with your followers. However, it is not possible to see how many comments you have received and which photos have comments.

I don’t know how many shares Hootsuite shows, but it’s much easier and more advantageous than iconsquare.


With the application that changed its name from Webstagram to Websta, you can see your shares and create interaction. You can see the comments and likes on each of your posts, and you can reply directly on Websta.

You can see all your posts on Instagram by pressing the “My Posts” button.

Unfortunately, as in Hootsuite, it does not show which post has received new comments on Websta. However, you need to go to your account to see all your posts and comments.

Although the features of these applications are close to each other, I cannot say that they are completely great applications. It can only be used to manage busy instagram accounts. I am sure that there are other applications with similar features to follow the comments made on Instagram. I share these three with you because they are reliable applications that I know and are used by large-scale companies.

If there are other applications that you follow your Instagram comments, you can share them with me in the comments section below.