Instagram'da nasıl ve ne zaman etiketleme yapılır

Instagram'da nasıl ve ne zaman etiketleme yapılır One of the most useful features in Instagram is the tagging feature. With this simple feature, you can tag the profiles and people you want. The people you tag will be notified instantly and the post you have made becomes a part of their profile. Although it is a useful feature, most users either do not know or do not want to use this feature.

I will briefly touch on topics such as how to label and when to do it below.

How to tag on Instagram.

First of all, you need to know the answer to the following question: How to tag on Instagram?

Actually, this is very easy. When uploading your share to Instagram, you will see the Tag people option just below the place where you write the description or description of your share. When you click on this option, a new screen appears where you can tag the people you want. In this section, you can tag the person or profile you want to tag anywhere on the screen. When you click on the place you want to tag, you will be asked who this person is, by typing the profile of the relevant person and tagging.

When you want to change the location of the tag later, you can do this easily, and you can also remove the tag completely if you want.

If you want to tag after sharing your post, you will see the Tag option in the corner of the photo from the menu that appears with the edit option by tapping the three dots under your post. When you click on this option, you will have done the tagging process as I mentioned above.

If you or other users have been tagged, the tagged person will be notified instantly that they have been tagged. You can see the post you are tagged in from the Events section. When you look at the tagged person’s profile, you can see the tagged photos in the top four icons on the far right.

Also, the tagged postsizing not relevant and inappropriate or If it is a spam post, you can remove the tag from this post and prevent it from appearing on your profile.

When is tagging done on Instagram?

After learning how to tag on Instagram, let’s see when it’s time to use this feature to get more benefits.

While you are at a place or interacting with someone on Instagram

If you are in a place that uses Instagram, you can tag that place in your posts. If you share a photo with a friend on Instagram, you can also tag that person. If you are at a concert, seminar, etc., tag people instead of mentioning them. Because Instagram shows a limited number of notifications on your activity wall, if you mention it, it may get lost among other activities. By tagging people, you also ensure that these people are aware of the tagging.

Tag brands and institutions whose products you use

If there are brands you want to communicate with and make your voice heard, you can tag while using the products of these brands. For example, you bought a new pair of brand shoes, you can tag that brand when you start using these shoes. You can announce your participation in an event by tagging the organization that organized that event.

Profile accounts of brands and products may not always respond, but you can still use tagging as an effective way to communicate.

Tag your business partners or colleagues

If you are working on a project with your colleagues at work, you can tag them by making a post about them. If you have products and services that you have made together, you can include other institutions in the labeling.

Contest Winners

If you have organized a competition on Instagram, you can also tag while announcing the winner.


If you are re-sharing other users’ posts on your own profile, you can tag the original content owner to let you know that that content has been shared.

Question Answers

If your followers ask you a question about the subject you are an expert on, you can tag them while you answer so that they can see the answer more easily.

When should you avoid Tagging?

Due to the titles I mentioned above, while tagging other users on Instagram, some users can spam by using this feature. In this case, it can be repulsive as always. When you share motivational phrases, you don’t need to tag. However, if the post you have made is about those people, tag them.

Don’t always tag the same person. If you tag the usual people in every post, it can turn into an annoying situation.

Do not tag your posts to draw attention and create interaction. Those who already follow you will want to see your posts and interact with you. Even if they’re not following you, it won’t get you more attention.

The tag feature can offer many benefits to both users and brands and institutions due to the features I mentioned above. Take care to use this feature effectively in order to reach more people, increase interaction and not lose your followers.