intagram öne çıkanlar özelliği

Instagram, which is a popular social media platform, has been updated with brand new features that increase its popularity. In addition to the Instagram Stories feature, two very important innovations called Stories Archive and Highlights in Stories have been presented to you, our valuable Instagram users.

  These new features, called Stories Archive and Highlights in Stories, drew attention as the biggest update on Instagram profiles since 2013. With this new feature, people are now the most special people they share on their stories. and will be able to record their memorable moments and post them on their profiles.

  The Instagram application, which allows these shares for longer periods of time, allows users to share the videos they have taken for longer periods, thanks to the Instagram IGTV Feature, which is another feature it has made. To get it, deleting and reinstalling the current Instagram on your phone will completely eliminate your problem.

  One of the frequently asked questions in recent days is the Instagram story view trick. Frankly, Instagram’s thoughts and ideas on these issues are obvious. But there is a trick to it, of course, as with everything. You can check these packages from our packages section at

  In other words, thanks to this feature called Story Archive, stories can be saved. After 24 hours, it is possible to share your story, which you can access from the archive section, on your profile with the Featured in Stories feature. Moreover, the stories that can be displayed on the top of your photos can be exhibited in different collections. The fact that your photos and trips can be transformed into different collections by stories can have a very different effect by brands. Thanks to this feature of Instagram, brands can display their product models and advertisements under different headings at the same time.

intagram öne çıkanlar özelliği

  It is possible to save your story clips in the resolution you have uploaded, while you can switch between your photo and story archives in the Archive feature. You can view your posts with date stickers from the archive in chronological order. You can view your entire archive at once. you can download it on your phone, but you can save the posts you want to save on your phone one by one. You can highlight the stories in the archives, you can share them in DM or Homepage profiles.

How to Use Instagram Stories Highlights?

  Some changes have been made in the application to use the Instagram Stories Highlights feature. These changes also affect the design part of the application. The use of the new system has naturally been created according to this new order.

In order to use Instagram Stories Highlights ;

  • First, click on the “New” icon on the left of your profile.
  • When you press the new icon, your archive window will open.
  • Then select the post you want to highlight from the archive after the new button. .
  • Here you are asked to choose a cover photo. After choosing your cover photo, it will be enough to name it for sharing.
  • Another method is to highlight your posts in this way with the “highlight” button at the bottom right of your story.


What is a Story Archive?

  As it is known, Instagram stories are short-time posts that stay for 24 hours. These posts disappear after 24 hours. While Instagram offers the feature of highlighting your stories that you do not want to be destroyed, the trace will always remain on your profile, it also offers the feature of archiving your shares that you do not want to be on your profile but do not want to be deleted. Thanks to this feature, all the photos and videos you share as stories on your Instagram account are kept in your archive. If you wish, you can save these shares from your archive to your phone or share them on your account later. To access your archive:

-Log in to your Instagram account.
-Go to your profile and tap the Archive icon.
All your stories will appear here.