instagramda beğenileri gizleme

Instagram, one of the most liked and popular applications of social media; When considered as photo sharing on social media network, it is the first application that comes to mind. Immediately after Facebook bought Instagram; The popular network, which carries the number of users and followers to higher levels, makes continuous updates in order not to decrease the number of users or even to increase it even higher. These privileges of Instagram are a big factor in the participation of new members.

  Thanks to the privileged opportunities offered by Instagram, users have the right to customize it as they wish with buy instagram followers. If users want; While they can only share with individuals with whom they are friends, they can make all information completely closed to outsiders. In other words, the information to be shared varies according to the wishes of the users. Hiding likes on Instagram, there are similar systems made on behalf of it. How to keep the posts confidential is among the most frequently asked questions.

Account Settings on Instagram

  It would be wrong to say that there is a difference between hiding likes on Instagram and hiding an account. The action to be taken; It is to log in to the Instagram profile and access the settings section. When you enter from the settings area, the desired adjustment is made from the hidden account settings. If the account is hidden, there will be a change to hide on the post likes automatically. It is necessary to understand well that; After this process is edited, likes, comments and photos will only be seen by approved followers. In addition; actions related to likes are also not displayed in the following area.

ginstagramda beğenileri gizleme

General Properties on Instagram

  The box button on the far right is where the profile is displayed. In this area; how many people follow, how many people are followed and how many photos are posted. With the settings button in the upper right corner; In which social media accounts the photos can be shared, and if the photos are liked or commented on, the settings to be notified are provided. There is no share button on Instagram. In order for the most liked photos to be shared on the account, the repost option must be installed. Another method is to take an image from the screen and re-share the image after cutting it.

Other Features on Instagram

  Friends or acquaintances registered on Facebook or in the phone book are also added to the list via Instagram. Instagram is extremely easy to use. Thanks to the easy use of Instagram, a new arrow icon appears below the sorted photos. When this arrow is clicked; Any desired photo or video is shared with any person as a private message. Share button on Instagram; It is only used for the message, it cannot be reposted.


How to Private Instagram Account?

  Instagram users have the ability to like, save and comment on various posts they find funny, beautiful and entertaining. These actions made by users are seen by other users. Some account holders want to hide such transactions. In this case, “Is Instagram likes hidden?” comes the question. It is possible to hide features such as likes and comments. You should do this by making your account private. In this way, notifications about you are not seen by other users. Only your followers can see it.

To make your account private:
-Log in to your Instagram account.
-Open your profile and go to Settings by clicking the three dots on your profile.
-Hide your account from the Private Account section.