Would you like to learn all the conveniences and details about Open Gmail Account for all your social media accounts and devices? The main purpose of the Gmail application, which can be used on all devices, is to be one of the electronic communication applications that provide reliable and fast communication as well as file transfers to all its users. Although this application is often used for social media accounts and office communications, it continues to be used by millions of people. When this is the case, most people wonder about opening a Gmail account and search. Users are searching for questions such as how to open gmail or close gmail accounts for social media platforms and devices. For all these problems, we have made researches about how to open Gmail Account, Change Gmail Password and Delete Gmail Account to our readers and users doing searches, and explained our article today in full detail.

Open Gmail Account

How To Create A Gmail Account?

How to open a gmail account, which is one of the most popular applications for social media accounts and secure communication? What should be done to open a frequently used gmail account for all mobile and desktop devices? You can easily create a gmail account by following the steps below to create a Gmail account.

☆ For Gmail account opening, you can first go to Google account creation page from the link below.

Gmail Account Creation Link: https://accounts.google.com/SignUp

☆ When you click on the link above, you will be asked for your Name, Surname, Username and Password in the Create your Google Account field. After you have entered the appropriate information, click the Next button.
☆ When you click the Next button, you will be asked for your phone number. Enter your phone number or recovery e-mail in the required fields.

Gmail Password Change

How to Change Gmail Password?

As in most applications, the passwords of the accounts in the Gmail application can often be forgotten or the password needs to be changed again when the accounts are stolen. For this, you can easily change your gmail password by following the steps below.

☆ To change the password of your account, first open a gmail account and log in to your gmail account with your username and password.
☆ Click on the Profile picture of your account and click on the button that says “Manage Your Google Account”.
☆ This button Click on the field that says “Security” on the page that opens when you click it.
☆ Click on the Password link in the “Google login” field on the screen that opens when you click on the Security option.
☆ When you click on the Password option, you will be prompted for your current account password. After entering the password, click the Next button.
☆ After you set your new password on the screen that opens after these steps, you will be able to change your gmail password.
☆ After changing your password, you will be automatically logged out of the devices you previously logged in.

Gmail Account Closure

How to Close Gmail Account

In the Gmail application, most of the users can open more than one account, sometimes for their needs and sometimes for other reasons. For this reason, users want to close accounts they do not use. So how to close Gmail account? If you are wondering the answer to the question, you can permanently close your account by using the methods below.

☆ To close your Gmail account, first log in to your e-mail address and click on your profile.
☆ Click on “Manage Your Google Account” after clicking on your profile.
☆ Click on the button that says “Data and personalization” from the menu that opens on your screen.
☆ From the next screen, select the option “Delete a service or your account” from the field under the menu title “Download, delete or create a plan for your data”.
☆ When you click on this option, 4 menus will open: Delete a Google service, Delete your Google Account, Download your data, and Create a plan for your account. From here, select the option “Delete Your Google Account”.
☆ Enter your current password in the field on the page that opens and click the next button.
☆ When you click Next, you will be asked to tick two buttons on the screen that opens;
✓ Yes, due to pending financial transactions I know that I am still responsible for all payments that may occur and I understand that in certain cases my earnings will not be paid.
✓ Yes, I want to permanently delete this Google Account and all its data.
☆ After checking these two buttons, click the blue “Delete Account” button and your account will be deleted. will be permanently deleted along with the data.

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