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Funny Posters Prepared with Real Comments – A graphic designer named Amber Share in the USA must have gotten pretty bored with her job, so she started doing it differently. This graphic designer, who prepared advertising posters about the most visited national parks of the USA, used the negative comments made by people who went there on the posters. We cannot say that these new posters, which have attracted much more attention than normal posters, have caused the US public to be more curious about national parks. On the contrary, people started to stay away from those national parks. So you see, we can say that this creativity of the graphic designer did not turn him into a successful advertiser/marketer, but turned him into a folk hero 😄.

Although the designer, who came to the agenda with these funny posters he designed, sometimes writes positive sentences under it, it is certain that it is not as effective as the sentences written on the poster. We share with you the wonderful posters drawn by the graphic artists who shared these posters from their account named Subpar Parks.

Funny Posters with Real Comments

Image: thecoolector

Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs is a national park in Arkansas, USA, famous for its hot springs. Graphic designer Amber Share has prepared an advertisement poster for this park with the comment “if you are not really interested in hot springs, don’t waste your time”.

Hot Springs National Park - subpar parks
Image: Subpar Parks

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

For this park, located in the US state of Alaska, the designer depicted the park’s popular glaciers and drew a small ship in front of it. Trying to explain that the glaciers here are not big, Amber Share wrote “not big” on the poster. Funny posters are the work of Amber Share.

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve - subpar parks
Image: Subpar Parks

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

To explain that this national park consists of a few bison and horses, the graphic designer used the sentence “we have no attraction here“. We don’t think people will go to this park in Dakota state after this poster. Could the purpose of this graphic designer be to undermine US tourism?

Theodore Roosevelt National Park - komik afişler
Image: Subpar Parks

Great Basin National Park

“A little more than a cave and a mountain.” This sentence would sound pretty mundane if we didn’t know about the artist’s other works and style, but the subtle insult in the sentence makes it funny. We thought we should show it among the funny posters designed by Amber Share.

Great Basin National Park - subpar parks
Image: Subpar Parks

Mammoth Cave National Park

It seems that Amber Share was quite angry while preparing this poster. She introduced Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky with the words “ cold, dark, damp, stinking “.

Mammoth Cave National Park - komik afişler
Image: Subpar Parks

Badlands National Park

Another awesome advertising poster that turns people off from that place. The sentence “The only thing bad about this land is this whole experience“‘ makes one feel very cold from Badlands National Park.

Badlands National Park - komik afişler
Image: Subpar Parks

Glacier National Park

They call the park a glacier, but that’s not descriptive enough, it’s even colder, says Amber Share, and is preparing its design accordingly. “Too cold for me.

Glacier National Park - subpar parks
Image: Subpar Parks

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

From the poster, it looks like the designer absolutely hated this park. We did not know whether the sentence “very very very muddy, a lot of mud” would make those who want to go to that park to go prepared or not. In general, these funny posters prepared by Amber Share seem to have a negative impact on US tourism. 😄

Cuyahoga Valley National Park - komik afişler
Image: Subpar Parks

Saguaro National Park

Another fine pointing. With this poster, the designer wanted to tell that there is nothing but cactus in Saguaro National Park, but he did it in a slightly insulting way and said to those who wanted to go, “if you like cactus it’s ok“.

Saguaro National Park - komik afişler
Image: Subpar Parks

Grand Canyon National Park

The way Amber Share defines a canyon is also quite interesting; “hole, very, very big hole.” 😄

Hot Springs National Park - subpar parks0
Image: Subpar Parks


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