Facebook mass deletion, the desired photo in the Facebook account can be deleted in bulk without wasting time. Hundreds or thousands of photos are deleted with one click with multiple photo deletion on Facebook. Multiple photo deletion can be done by deleting albums on Facebook, using mass photo deletion plugins or programs. In order to ensure the security of the Facebook account, it should be noted that the plugins and programs to be used have a secure source. Many of the multiple photo deletion programs that require login with Facebook account information are not secure. Using third party apps may result in Facebook account being stolen. Therefore, the most reliable method of mass photo deletion is to delete Facebook albums.

Why is Facebook Bulk Photo Deletion Preferred?

After opening a Facebook account, users can save every new memory. They share photos when they collect and the app comes to their mind. When they start sharing photos periodically, after a certain period of time, they will have quite a lot of albums and photos in their account. When you want to delete the shares from an account with hundreds of shared photos, it is very difficult to do the deletion one by one. That’s why they prefer the easy way bulk photo deletion from Facebook. Those who are looking for an easy way to reset their Facebook profile or just delete photos from a certain period can take advantage of Facebook page mass deletion.

Facebook Bulk Photo Deletion Methods What are they?

Those who want to delete photos on Facebook; They can delete photos in bulk by directly deleting albums on Facebook or using a plugin. deleting albumsThe steps to be followed for the Facebook mass photo deletion method are as follows:

  • You must log in to your Facebook account with an e-mail and password.
  • The profile should be opened by clicking the icon.
  • Go to the Photos tab.
  • The Albums tab at the top should be opened.
  • Click on the three dots in the lower right corner of the album to be deleted.
  • Clicking the Delete Album button completes the deletion process.

What are Alternative Bulk Photo Deletion Ways on Facebook?

There is no special option Facebook offers for those who want to mass delete Facebook photos. Deleting can be done by deleting albums or deleting individual photos. However, for those who are looking for a more practical method, using Facebook mass photo deletion is an alternative option. In order to delete Facebook photos in bulk through these programs, it is necessary to log in to the Facebook account. Therefore, entering Facebook login information through a program is also a risky situation for the account. However, for Facebook mass photo deletion, reliable and referenced programs can be preferred.

How to Bulk Delete Facebook Photos with Chrome Plugin?

Chrome plugin can be used to automatically clean Facebook posts and photos. Social Book Post Manager can be preferred as Facebook mass photo deletion plugin, which offers the option to search posts by date and keywords. With this plugin, regardless of the type of posts, they can be deleted or stored by changing their privacy status. The steps to be followed in order to activate the plugin and perform the deletion are given below:

  • Social Book Post Manager plugin must be installed.
  • The Profile must be opened by logging in to the Facebook account.
  • After clicking the Activity Log button, one of the appropriate options must be clicked.
  • Clicking on the plugin icon in the upper right corner of Chrome should enable the plugin to work.
  • Filtering can be done so that the photos that are wanted to be deleted can be found more easily. If desired, all the photos can be selected by ticking Select All.
  • Click on the Prescan on Page button to see the selected posts.
  • Delete should be selected from the options.