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Facebook, the social media giant, continues to make new decisions about its users. Facebook, which turned out to be watching its users who entered porn sites a while ago, has now declared a war against sexual posts. It has been announced that the social networking giant has banned sexual posts. In this article, we will explain the details of Facebook Bans Sexual Posts.

Facebook has decided to make some changes in its content policies. The number of sexually explicit posts by users on the social media platform has started to increase in recent years. Considering the presence of users of all ages on the social media platform and the negative effects of these posts, it was decided to make some changes in the content policies.



By Facebook officials Within the scope of the decisions taken, some changes were made in the policies regarding sexual content. Facebook has announced that stricter rules have begun to be applied to its users’ sexually explicit posts.

According to the new policy, Facebook users will no longer be able to post sexually explicit slang. However, talking about sexual roles, positions, or fetish scenarios will also be prohibited.


Facebook users have been banned from sharing many sexually explicit content. In this context, users will never be able to make certain shares from now on. Facebook sexual sharing bans are listed as follows;

  • Facebook users will not be able to post sexually explicit slang
  • Facebook users will not be able to talk about sexual scenarios
  • Facebook users will not be able to post sexually suggestive photos and videos

  • Facebook users will not be able to post pornographic content
  • Facebook users will not be able to make requests for adult activities such as partners with shared fetishes
  • Facebook users will not be able to use obscene language
  • Facebook users will not be able to share videos containing sexual activity, strip clubs, erotic dancing
  • Facebook users will not be able to send sexual messages
  • Facebook users will not be able to post sexual chats and won’t be able to share conversations
  • Facebook users won’t be able to post messages with sexually suggestive phrases such as “I want to have a good time tonight”
  • Facebook users will not be able to talk about sexual arousal



In a short time, many Facebook users reacted to the sexual sharing bans implemented by Facebook. Facebook users, especially living in foreign countries, expressed their discomfort because of Facebook’s ban on sexual sharing.

A Facebook spokesperson who made a statement about the Facebook sexual sharing ban; “What was instrumental in making this change was largely because our content viewers said that the sexual abuse policy did not sufficiently highlight the distinction between sexual desire and abuse issues,” he said. “ez-toc-section” id=”CAN_CONTROL_SHARE OF_USERS_FACEBOOK”>


Facebook bans sexual sharing content, while comments from people with technical knowledge that Facebook, which has billions of users, cannot control this issue.

Facebook Stating that the artificial intelligence algorithm of is insufficient, experts say that the accounts of billions of users are scanned using artificial intelligence and He underlined that it is very difficult to identify sexually explicit posts.

Facebook has previously banned posts that contain terrorism, racism and fake news, but missed many posts due to insufficient artificial intelligence. Based on this, experts stated that Facebook would not be able to fully fulfill the prohibitions and would be insufficient in terms of sharing sexual content. Experts agreed that Facebook’s artificial intelligence should be improved before sexually explicit posts are banned.

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