With the introduction of social media into our lives, people started to use applications in many different derivatives. On these applications, it is the desire of many people to be popular and to earn as a result of doing business with commercial brands. Because it helps to earn more money than expected. However, discovering on Instagram enables interaction with other people and thus reaching organic followers. causes the content to drop. That’s why organic followers are of great importance for discovery.

Following Instagram Trends

In order to be discovered on Instagram, people need to reach organic followers. In order to reach this audience, it helps to closely follow the changing trends every day, thus increasing the probability of being discovered. It is very important for people to use appropriate filters when making videos or content about trends. Thanks to these effects, people’s likes and comments increase.

The increase in likes and comments allows people to increase the number of interactions to the highest level. This is noticed by the Instagram algorithm and allows the discovery of videos and photos by people who do not follow you. If the content meets with other people, the number of followers is increased.

Using Location and Tags in Instagram Content

One of the features that should be used to discover on Instagram is to report a location. Reporting the location where the photos or videos were taken shows the users in which region the captured content is addressed. In this way, it ensures that people living in those regions are discovered and the location is included in the shares listed.

In addition to sharing the location tag, the use of trending and appropriate tags is also very important. The reason for this is that it allows other people interested in the same tag name to discover their accounts. Thus, the desired target audience is reached and an increase in the number of followers is ensured. However, there are elements that people should pay attention to during the use of labels. These consist of the following;

  • The tags should be in a consistent and consecutive style with the content.
  • The use of tags that may be spammy should be avoided.
  • The use of tags It should not be used too much and long tags should not be included in the content.
  • Tags suitable for the trends in the agenda should be used and these trend tags to be used should be placed in accordance with the content.
  • Popular tags should be gained followers. rate is high. However, interacting with incoming followers helps not to lose organic followers gained.

Choosing Posting Hours Correctly

In order to be discovered on Instagram and get a quick interaction, people need to get good comments and likes within 1 hour. For this reason, it is necessary to investigate the hours in which organic followers are active and to direct the shares accordingly. For this research, it is possible to reach the necessary graphics by switching to the business account. In addition, it is also important to have comments about which videos are watched by the followers and by whom.

It is also important to share interesting posts so that other people can enter your account after watching the video, as well as sharing hours for discovering on Instagram. . In this way, the discovery that will be deducted with a single video helps other videos to fall into the discovery. That’s why, while creating content, it is of great importance to research how the video will be presented.

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