En Sevilen Instagram Butikleri Nelerdir?

Instagram turn off comments option, which is frequently used by people with high followers on Instagram, is very popular. how this process is done is a method that many people do not know, but it is quite easy. The option to turn off comments, which has been used in different alternative ways since 2017, can be made for a single post or for all posts. It is a measure taken to prevent bad comments and spam. The Instagram application, purchased by Facebook, is improving itself with the innovations brought every day. Considering all kinds of details for its users helps to win the appreciation of many people. The comments made under the posts in the application used by millions of people can sometimes be quite annoying. In order to prevent these negative effects, the comments of the posts shared on Instagram can be turned off.

How To Turn Off Comments?

As a single post’s comment can be closed, the comments of all posts can be closed. It is a preferred method for preventing malicious attacks and advertisements. People with high followers resort to this method in order not to see bad comments or spam under their photos. The method that has been used to avoid problems with comments since 2017 can be applied quite easily. It is quite common for only one post to be closed for comments instead of closing all posts for comments. It would not be ideal to close all photos for comments in cases that do not require any information or comments. For this reason, it is much more effective to close only one post for comments.

To close a single post for comments;

  • You can enter the Instagram application to delete the desired post for comments.
  • The three dots at the top right of the shared photo must be entered.
  • Click on Turn Off Commenting Here.
  • After one click, the photo will be closed to all comments.
  • Commenting can be activated by clicking on the three dots again, this time from the “Open Commenting” option.
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Turning off Comments from Settings

Another option is to close all posts for comments. People who do not want to deal with deleting bad comments under the photos or following the comments can close all their posts for comments. In particular, the feature of turning off comments, which phenomena apply, ensures that insulting comments made through fake accounts cannot be made. This process is not a permanent process, the person can make his posts open to comments again when he wants. It is also possible to select people who can comment on request from the settings section of Instagram. In addition to this situation, turning off comments can be done during photo sharing. Clicking the “turn off commenting” option in the advanced settings while sharing the photo will prevent commenting. ( Instagram Support )

En Sevilen Instagram Butikleri Nelerdir?
  • First of all, you must log in to your Instagram account and then enter the profile section
  • li>
  • Click on the three lines in the profile and click on the settings with the gear icon.
  • In the tab that opens after the settings section, privacy must be entered and then comments must be selected.
  • At this stage, people who can comment on the photos, your followers and followers are divided into three as “people you follow” and “followers”. This method can also be used upon request.
  • In addition, a person who does not want to comment on the photos can be blocked from the comments section.

We have explained to you the process of turning off Instagram comments in detail, stay tuned. .

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Can I Hide My Instagram Account?

If you want to make your Instagram account more secure and only be seen by the users you want, you can make privacy adjustments in your Instagram settings and make your account a private account.


Is Instagram Post Limit?

Instagram has limited the activities that can be done during the day in order to protect from spam accounts. That’s why you should think carefully when posting over and over.

Can I Turn My Instagram Posts Off For Comments?

If you want no comments from anyone after sharing your Instagram posts, it is possible to close your posts to comments and not worry about comments. You can get all the information about this topic in our blog post.

Is there a Feature to Pin Instagram Comments?

With the Instagram comment pinning feature, you can highlight the comments on your posts.

Can I Pin My Instagram Stories to My Profile?

You can pin your Instagram stories to your profile by saying featured.

What Do Close Friends Mean?

Instagram close friends is a feature where you can choose who you want to see your stories that you will share on your profile.

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