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Unknown About Camlica TV Tower

Don’t forget to share. Unknowns About Çamlıca TV Tower – Küçük Çamlıca TV Tower, a structure we’ve all seen in Istanbul for a while, was opened with an official ceremony on May 29. With its opening, the tower became the agenda of many segments. Camlica …


Fear of Missing Out What is Fomo?

Don’t forget to share. Fear of Missing Out What is Fomo? – Fomo (Fear of Missing Out), literally fear of missing out fear of missing out means. It is also defined as a psychological disorder. With the introduction of social media into our lives, Fomo, …


Artworks from Different Parts of the World

Don’t forget to share. Works of Art from Different Parts of the World – We brought together interesting, creative and striking works of artists from different parts of the world. From embroideries on leaves, to wave models made with legos, and even to pictures drawn …


WhatsApp’s Privacy Decision and What Happened

Don’t forget to share. WhatsApp’s Privacy Statement and What Happened – A new notification has appeared on everyone’s WhatsApp announcing that the terms and policies have been updated. Users have until February 8 to accept these new terms, and WhatsApp stated that users updated on …