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At least 200 years have passed since the English Poet PBShelley said “Fame follows those who do not condescend to chasing fame“ and naturally the concept of ‘following’ is a complete word meaning. has undergone metamorphosis. If we do a little research on any search engine, we can find hundreds of recommendations for this problem, which we could not even imagine 10 years ago. We think that when Instagram became famous and a place to be followed, as in one of the words of the same poet, it started to matter more or less to each of us.

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We do not know how many hours you spend on social media on average during the day, but what we are sure of is that the area that attracts the most attention for almost everyone on their own accounts or on the accounts of others is the number of followers.

Magic 10k!

Developing Instagram can be a difficult task, precisely for this reason, 10k is considered a psychological limit for accounts belonging to individuals and brands. Because this limit is perceived as a kind of reliability for accounts, but also means different and various possibilities and an explosion of sales. At first, things can go a little slow while trying to get the first 100 followers, but with the right strategies and a little focus, it will reach heights you did not expect in a short time.

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When you do various researches on this subject, the information you will usually come across; it may consist of clichés such as using the right tags a lot, sharing in certain numbers or buying followers. However, we do not believe that this is true. Many people can easily reach these figures by taking some time.

Here are the methods to increase followers on Instagram that we have compiled for you…

What to Do?

  • First of all, you should include clear information about what you do in your account, who you are and what can be expected from you.
  • There should be an e-mail in the bio section, so you should create an e-mail list. Email list is the shortest way to convert followers into customers.
  • Make sure to share quality images. All have a consistent theme and frequency, and share these images regularly and when your followers are most active. It is important that your posts are capable of forcing your followers to comment. By the way, it is an impressive point of tracking performance if you comment on them.
  • Take a few minutes each day to engage with your followers one-on-one. Instagram is a social platform and you can benefit from the ideas of your followers effectively.
  • Make sure to create a network and work together with the people you do the same job with. Take note of the hashtags they use and make sure you use them too.
  • If you have a page where you sell, be sure to provide price information. This creates a sense of trust in your followers.
like adedini arttırmak


The most important thing to remember is that some people “can’t start” out of fear of being watched as they start from scratch. You don’t need to have a product or have thousands of followers to make money on Instagram. The only point is to produce a certain strategy and patiently share a message.

Creating a network on Instagram is easy, but the challenge is to start it and maintain it with determination

Then we already have plenty of followers 🙂

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