Price of Popularity – Services, Where You Can Buy Insta Likes

With the help of buying Instagram likes, a new product is presented, an account is pumped up and subscribers are found, there are dozens of ways to make money on Instagram likes. Using Instagram promotion, you can inexpensively and quickly find a suitable audience and followers who are interested in you or your products. Natural likes are sometimes tricky to get. Especially if the profile is new or the company has just started promoting its products, there are other situations when buying likes is the best solution:

  • Helping a blogger in completing an advertising order. Imagine a situation when a user with a large audience took an order to advertise a product, but his post or photo got few “hearts”. Boosting likes on Instagram will save the blogger from troubles with the customer and undermining his authority. The behavior of the public is not always predictable, so buy the likes and don’t worry about your creativity being unrecognized. The use of cheating likes on Instagram will provoke a return wave of “hearts” and the emergence of new subscribers.
  • Search for new subscribers. Followers can be bought, but Instagram likes will be just as useful and cheaper. The user, first of all, sees popular posts and photos, and by likes on Instagram, you increase the likelihood that the audience will notice you and your work. You can wind up likes – this will bring new followers, which will open up opportunities for increased earnings and income from advertising offers and affiliate programs. The table shows the dependence of the number of subscribers on the average income of bloggers. There is something to strive for, isn’t it?


Best Massliking Sites Available Today

It is important to cooperate with a quality company that offers the best conditions. In this case, your promotion on Instagram will be as effective and safe as possible. We can recommend several services that are leaders in the segment.


Poprey Instagram Likes

Poprey – quality service offering great rates and even extensive free functionality. This approach allows you to understand the usability of the service and make the right decision. Also, professional support service is ready to help you at any moment.





A website that offers a professional approach and great prices. The account owner can choose the tariff plan they like ($2.89-270) and the required number of subscribers (100-40,000). There is a special system of discounts for wholesale customers.



A good choice. The company offers great prices, and bots are able to mimic the behavior of real users. Thanks to Famoid, likes will appear naturally under your posts. This will allow you to go into trends and not get banned.





Want to get 1000 likes per day for just $12.5? In this case, the company is ready to provide its services. The algorithm monitors the appearance of new content on your account and gives likes throughout the day. Convenient, profitable, and natural.



Another service with a good reputation and rich experience. A stylish site allows you to quickly register, and a high-quality layout allows you to quickly choose a tariff plan and start the path to popularity.



A good way to properly develop your Instagram account, making it popular. Just register and choose the tariff plan you want. The company guarantees execution within 2 days. And these are likes from real accounts, not bots. The package price is $2 (100 likes) – $266 (40,000).




A company that is easy to work with. Minimum prices ($2.5-267), quality assurance, and additional filters (choice of country of residence, time of likes, and other parameters). Quality service that ensures confidentiality and security.



Another good option for buying likes under your posts. The availability of a high-quality support service, productive work, and “natural” likes helped the service to take its place among the leaders of the segment.