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August 23 Technology Summary – We can say that we are in a very active August as a technology agenda. In particular, the news of Lambda School, Aidbnb and Apple that emerged this month influenced the agenda. Apart from these, WordPress and ThredUP came up with unexpected news. We can state that technology news has changed quite a lot after the corona virus epidemic that developed around the world.

August 23 Technology Brief

Online Coding Education Site Lambda School Receives Big Investment!


Lambda School is known for giving coding trainings on the Internet. The site, which has been in service since 2016, has recently managed to receive a large investment. According to the statement on the agenda, it was stated that this investment was 74 million dollars. In general, it is thought that the Lambda School company will turn to much larger services with this investment.

WordPress Disputes With Apple!


WordPress, which is available for free in the Apple app store recently had a dispute with Apple. The reason for the dispute was cited as WordPress asking for a 30% share of Apple revenues. As a result of this dispute, it was stated that WordPress did not publish updates on its free application. It is expected that this problem will continue in the future.

ThredUP Considering Opening to the Stock Exchange!

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Worldwide popular used clothing sales platform ThredUP made a very different decision and announced that she wanted to turn to the stock market. The founder of ThredUP, who wants to take the company one step further after the pandemic process, stated that they have started preparations to open to the stock market. As for the technology agenda, it is extremely curious how they will work on the stock market, which is a completely different area.

Apple’s Value Continues to Increase Day by Day!


The Apple company, which is almost unknown around the world, is increasing its value day by day. continues to increase. In general, mobile phones and computers are popular, and the company’s continuous acquisition of new customers and improvement of its sales strategy has succeeded in increasing the company’s wealth. According to August 2020 data, Apple company, which is worth 2 trillion dollars, broke new ground as the most valuable company in the world.

Airbnb Begins Preparations to Launch into the Stock Exchange!


After ThredUp, Airbnb has finally announced that it has started preparations to go public. The fact that the company was generally oriented to short-term rental services and the disruption of their business due to the corona virus epidemic had many people worried. But Airbnb, which is thought to be in financial trouble. made a final statement and announced that they have started preparations to turn to the stock market. In this past period, it has also had its name written among the companies that are considering entering the stock market. What kind of strategy they will use in the stock market in the future has remained a question mark in mind. It is stated that the company is worth exactly 31 billion dollars. It continues to be used as the most frequently used home rental site throughout the world.

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