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If you’re looking for a scalable Instagram strategy for more followers, sales and long-term brand engagement, you can try Instagram gifts.

People can’t stand the power of the “free,” can they? One of the oldest tricks in marketing is free or promotional products – which is one of the oldest games in marketing. Despite this, the data does not lie about how much Instagram users prefer sweepstakes and giveaways.

According to the latest research by

Tailwind for Instagram; Brands that regularly make gift campaigns and publish interesting content attract a lot of attention from users.

  • Instagram accounts that regularly hold giveaways and contests grow 70% faster than those that do not,
  • 1,000 91% of Instagram posts with more than 1 comment are said to be about a giveaway or contest.

Crazy isn’t it?

Do you know what the most striking statistic is?

Despite all this, only 2% of Instagram accounts hold contests and sweepstakes.

Are there any conditions for giving gifts or holding contests on Instagram?

Gifted campaigns and competitions can be organized in any desired concept and time period. It’s an advertising method that covers just about any content, from all-inclusive vacations to free swag for your followers. This method can gain new followers and potential customers, independent of the concepts of “what” and “when”, thanks to the products they gift to brands.

Brands like Birchbox, for example, offer bimonthly gifts ranging from gift cards to free products.He organizes a gift campaign on Instagram. This type of promotion is often used as a marketing element with the release of a new collection or at Birchbox celebrations or collaboration launches with another brand.


So, there is no “right” time to hold a contest or give a gift. Product launches are also one of the most common and popular ways to promote a brand on Instagram. You can reach a wider audience by using the effect of Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) with the promotional products you provide during the launch.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t give gifts for existing products. In fact, with regular giveaways, you can create a dynamic expectation in your audience of followers and potential customers. Thus, you ensure that your followers follow your page constantly.


How Often Should Brands Have Instagram Giveaways?

Today, the effects of such methods on brand prestige have become very important. The more competitions you organize, the more you make gift and promotional campaigns, the more your awareness and potential customer base will increase.

How Long Should an Instagram Giveaway Campaign Last?

Timing is important to your Instagram campaign, but it can sometimes be an overlooked factor. How Does? As the time from when your giveaway or giveaway starts to its end, people may forget or ignore it (think of a month-long event). Note that there must be a clearly defined start and end date.


What You Need to Do to Organize Campaigns on Instagram

A successful on Instagrammaking a gift campaign is actually not difficult at all. For this, in addition to complying with Instagram’s promotion rules, brands need to know what to consider before creating their campaigns.

1. Set your goals

Gifting things isn’t exactly smart, is it?

Even if you are willing to promote your product with a campaign, you should be getting something in return for your campaign. Whether it’s longer-term followers, comments or “likes” on future posts, or using these photos to promote your brand, you can get brand building opportunities with user generated content.

Here’s an example of a new Instagram campaign from Pinup Girl whose goal is to drive traffic to the brand’s Facebook page:


Why not an Instagram gift that sends traffic to Facebook? If the goal is to increase visitor traffic on the Facebook page, that’s it.

For most brands, sales and email signups are the holy grail of a contest or giveaway. Check out how participants can get involved in this campaign from Urban Decay!

When you already have a goal you want to achieve, you should know not only what to look out for in terms of metrics, but also how to set up the listing for your promotional products

2. Choose an Award

What good is a campaign without a prize?

Check out this promotional sample skin contains a variety of rewards, including a gift certificate, Birchbox subscription, and other goodies.

If your gift item isn’t going to break the bank, you’re in for a treat. If you’re in an industry that doesn’t sell physical products or you can experiment to try it out, you can do something like an Amazon gift card.

When you reach the end of your campaign or giveaways, choose a winner, post an announcement and make sure he or she has received the prize.

Below we see how BoxyCharm thanked its contestants and their instructions on how to reach them:


Securing Campaign Participants

Trust is an essential component of any Instagram giveaways. This is especially true if you’re trying to grab the attention of an audience that has never met your brand before. An unsuccessful campaign process can create a negative impression of your brand both in your followers and in your potential audience. This can undermine your brand’s credibility and prestige both on social media and on the field. Therefore, when you start an Instagram campaign, you should make sure that the product reaches the winner without any problems. .

Provide a Contact Point on Instagram

As much as winning the product for the participants, it is just as important for them to be able to communicate with you as easily as possible. Instead, you can ask them to provide a contact form or a special e-mail address in the login queue. Accessibility puts you in a different position on your attendees.

We do not want to leave you alone on this long journey. Stay tuned for the rest of the guide!

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