Tüm Youtube Videolarına Reklam Geliyor

Youtube is the world’s most video sharing platform. Youtube, which has millions of different users, has recently come to the fore with its advertisements. According to a new decision, all Youtube videos are getting advertisements. According to the news that made the viewers unhappy, there will now be advertisements in all videos shared. Income generated by profiles that are not major content producers will not be available to producers.

After the release of the YouTube Premium feature, many people have moved away from the platform. In order for users to become Premium users, it increased the number of ads and placed two ads per video. Although the number of users who did not like the ads was quite large, the site still continued to serve actively. Over time, users got used to the advertisements on the platform and the number of Premium users increased considerably.

Youtube Premium started to attract a lot of attention due to its ad-free service. Even if there is a certain price every month, people started using Premium to enjoy watching videos. Premium users can use the platform by putting it in the background. Premium with the option to play videos in the background is liked by many users. Especially people who want to stay away from advertisements prefer the Premium option for an ad-free video enjoyment.

There will be advertisements on channels that do not receive advertising revenue

Ads will now be shown on small channels that generate income on Youtube. Some users were not running ads on their channels, only making income from videos. However, according to the new decision taken by Youtube, there will now be advertisements on channels that do not receive advertising revenue. This news upset many users and viewers. As of June 1, all videos will officially have ads.

The platform currently has 2.3 billion users. According to the new decision, the platform announced that it has the right to monetize all content. According to this decision, there will be advertisements on the channels of people who do not cooperate with Youtube.

Channels that do not have many followers and avoid advertising are worried after this decision. It is thought that the new decision will drive users away. While content producers appeal to their audience with an ad-free service, they are quite uncomfortable with the disruption of this order. Ads in Youtube videos are found to be disturbing by many users and people stay away from channels with a lot of advertisements. However, the new decision gives the right to have advertisements on every channel. According to this decision, Youtube will advertise and the earnings from the advertisement will not be shared with the channel owner.

Many of the channels on the platform have a very large audience as they offer ad-free service. Users who were bored with advertisements showed interest and subscribed to channels that broadcast ad-free videos. However, according to the new decision, users who are not Premium members will now encounter ads. People with a premium membership will be able to actively browse the platform without ads.

How to Become a Youtube Premium Member?

As a result of the new decision, how can people become a Youtube Premium member? They search for the answer to their question. With a Premium membership, watching videos will be more enjoyable now. People will be able to watch their videos ad-free and quickly navigate through the site.

The Premium feature is very useful with the possibility of listening to music in the background and offline. Individuals can have a Premium account by paying only a certain fee each month. This feature, which also offers the opportunity to download videos, gives the chance to watch videos in environments without internet. The Premium price of the platform that organizes campaigns at certain times varies. You can visit the website for current price information.