The right use of social media can help sell more books to many people around the world.

In the past, writers used to write their books and then forward it to their agencies. In agencies, he took care of everything from editing, publishing and marketing this book.

Today, most writers publish their own works, instead of these processes, and bring these publications together with their readers through their own efforts.

In other words, writers are no longer just writing their books, they are personally involved in all processes from editing their books to marketing them via social media. Social media has become the most important and most powerful area for a writer. On these networks, writers are more interested in their audiences and are able to influence more people. As this sphere of influence grows, so does the sales of the authors’ books.

Here are 9 ways writers use to increase their readership:

Sending notifications to users who post pictures on the blog
Mark Vanhoenacker is one of the 747 pilots working for the British airline. He is also the author of the book “Modern Flight”. He asked them to take the view outside from his own plane and throw it away from his blog, shared the pictures of the people who took the pictures on his blog and created an incredible audience. With this fan base, the sales of his book also increased.

Sharing pictures of trips on Instagram and Flickr
Joanna Penn, one of the best-selling authors in the New York Times thriller field, loves to travel and by sharing these travel photos on Instagram and Flickr, she aims to increase the sales of her books incredibly. succeeded. What she did was to create an audience in popular media and use that audience as an advertising channel, she. One of the most basic yet effective strategies.

The author’s video recording while he was writing his next book and sharing it on Youtube
Writing a book in the thriller category, Chris Fox filmed his work for his new book for 21 days, which is the promised time for his new book, and shared it on Youtube. At the end of the day, he managed to finish his book. Afterwards, Amazon quickly released the book and shared it with the author’s subscribers on Youtube, and book sales began to increase rapidly.

Creating a Facebook community around the book’s theme
Blogger and best-selling author Jeff Goins contributed to the sales of his book The Art of Work thanks to the community he created on Facebook achieved increases. On this page, he not only talks about the themes of the books he will publish in the future, but also tries to tell people how to live a better life by sharing moments from his private life. Thanks to this sincerity, he gained an increasing reputation and fan base, and this situation began to affect the sales of the books.

Sharing titles with the audience
Steve Scott, one of the best-selling authors on Amazon, has decided to start a Facebook community to get suggestions for titles for his next book. And because he made this decision a part of the book, he succeeded in affecting people. This situation attracted the attention of more people and increased the interest in the author’s books.

Making recommendations on Twitter
James Altucher, a popular blogger and best-selling author, has built an incredible reputation on his Twitter Q&A, giving people tips on things like washing dishes, giving advice on problems in relationships, and answering all the questions put to him. This, of course, also increased the sales of his books with the fame he created through social media.

Answering questions on Quora
New York Times writer and author of The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg, managed to reach a large audience by answering his readers’ questions about being a journalist on Quora.

Giving awards to those who promote books on social media
Guy Kawasaki is one of the top selling authors on venture capital. Kawasaki chose a very different method from the existing methods; He has succeeded in increasing the popularity of his books and thus the sales of his books by giving various awards to those who share his book on social media.

Starting a hashtag campaign on Twitter
Novel writer Monica Leonelle launched a campaign on Twitter to help her readers improve their writing habits by opening the hashtag #8dakikayazmahabitligi. The author managed to attract the attention of many people with this campaign. In this way, the author managed to increase the readership by winning the love of many people.