Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru

Who wouldn’t want to have more followers and fans? Instagram is one of the best social media platforms that can be used both as a means of influencing followers and as a marketing tool. If you’re not on Instagram or haven’t opened an account yet, you’d better do as soon as possible.

With its rapidly growing number of users, Instagram has 75 million active users today and is an unmissable channel to reach your target market.

In this article, I will share 8 rules of how to create an effective and remarkable Instagram profile on Instagram.

#1: Photo resolution

Attractive visuals attract the attention of the relevant people. This is a very important factor for institutions that want to be effective on Instagram. Photos shared in high resolution will catch the eye much more. Therefore, my advice to you is to share high-resolution photos as much as possible. Since photos shared from smartphones will be useful for capturing the moment, you can share like this from time to time.

#2: Simplify the purchasing process

The fact that people go to your Instagram profile and look at your pictures, review your products and even follow you is because of their interest in your products. They will want to see your newly released products and any discounts you have made.

For example, when Nike shares a picture of its products, it includes its website in the product description. Therefore, your followers and customers will easily enter your site to buy your products.

#3: Do not reveal that you are selling

It’s true that your main goal is sales, but don’t do it in a way that makes your followers uncomfortable. Make your posts a story and highlight the features of your products.

Also, share not only your own products, but also the posts of your customers who have used your products and are satisfied on your profile. How did customers use your products, are they satisfied? Such posts will create a positive communication between you and your followers.

#4: Don’t just share products

All your photos do not need to be just your products. Behind-the-scenes footage is also important to show that your organization is also a live organization.

The more you post and interact with your followers, the more your followers will start to feel like a part of themselves. Thus, the number of loyal customers connected to your brand will also increase.

#5: Use Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct is a feature where you can send photos and videos privately to other users. Just like the direct message feature on Twitter and the private message feature on Facebook. Only you and the people you share with will see the content you have posted.

Look at your posts to find your followers with the most interaction, you’ll see whoever has more comments on your posts. Your most active follower is probably the one most willing to buy your products.

When you determine your most active followers, you can create a special group and share your new products and discounts with them first, and direct them to your site and make them sell.

You can also use the Instagram Direct feature for chat purposes. You can privately invite a group of followers by holding a Q&A session. However, since the Instagram direct feature does not only accept sending messages, photos must be shared in these chats.

Try to be innovative and productive when you use Instagram Direct as a marketing tool. A casual post can cause your followers to leave you.

#6: Share discounts

One of the main reasons people follow brands is to be up-to-date about discounts. You can reward them by sharing the discounts on your main account or by sending them to your followers with the Instagram direct feature.

The importance of word of mouth marketing is obvious to everyone. Therefore, when your followers get a special discount, they will definitely share it with their friends. These people will follow you in order not to miss the discounts.

#7: Organize contests

You can reward your followers by organizing competitions. Organize competitions that allow your followers to win prizes, so you will have the opportunity to reach more people and you will have new followers.

Make sure to keep your contest themes very simple and relate them to your own products.

If you choose a very general theme, you may get irrelevant feedback from those who are not interested in your brand. If it’s too narrow a theme, people won’t bother to respond.

When you organize a contest, develop a hashtag specific to that contest. Without the hashtag, you cannot see the posts about the contest and you cannot have a successful contest. With a hashtag that includes your brand, you will be more memorable about your campaign and products.

#8: Share your Instagram photos on your website

Did you know that you can share your Instagram photos on your website as well?

Sharing photos from the competitions you have organized is very important in terms of increasing loyalty to your brand. Even if you do not organize a contest, you can contact your followers and ask them to share their photos while using your products. Remind them to use hashtags.

You can share the photos shared by your followers by adding them to your own website. In accordance with Instagram user rules, you should pay attention to this situation, as the photos shared by someone else will not belong to you even if they are on your products.


Instagram is a platform where you can not only connect with people, but also increase brand awareness and user interaction by sharing pictures and videos. It is a great platform to promote promotional activities. The more relevant photos your company shares, the faster the number of followers will increase.

When your number of followers increases, you can promote and organize competitions via private and regular messages.

So, can you use Instagram effectively? Have you ever reached your customers via Direct message? I would appreciate it if you share it in the comment section.

Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru