instagramda_yapilan_sekiz_buyuk_hataInstagram is one of the fastest and strongest growing social media platforms today. Continuing its growth since its establishment in 2010, instagran now has more than 300 million users. Instagram, where at least 25-30 minutes per person per day is spent, also has millions of daily active users.

Considering these statistics, it is obvious that Instagram is a platform that should be used for branding. Last year, 85% of the top 100 brands actively use Instagram.

Also, since it is a fairly new platform, many businesses and institutions are just getting used to getting to know Instagram and using its features. Therefore, the mistakes made by these institutions draw attention, even if they are small. Below you can find 8 big mistakes made in Instagram and their solutions.

  1. Missing bio

In Instagram, the bio section is an area where you can tell about your brand and what you do. The fact that some of them are missing also indicates that your account is not professional. Who are you? What do you do? What are you selling? You should share the answers to these questions and the purpose behind your brand in the bio section. You can also link to your website in the bio.

  1. Using the wrong hashtag

If you’re new to Instagram, it’s quite possible that you’re using hashtags wrong. The use of hashtags is a method that makes it easy to be found on Instagram. Do not use long and meaningless hashtags. According to research, those who share 11 or more hashtags get more than 80% engagement. #don’t use longhashtag #create meaningfulhashtag

  1. Untitled sharing

If you want your posts to be understood, make sure to write a description about your product and post in the title section. Thus, thanks to your sharing, your followers will have information about your brand and product and will interact. Especially, use call to action buttons. You can increase your interaction rate by asking your followers’ thoughts under your posts.

  1. Low interaction

Instagram is not just an ordinary sharing application. After your posts, you need to interact with your followers. When users see brand profiles communicating with them, they feel a sense of belonging to the brand. Considering that marketing today is about developing and maintaining relationships, you need to interact with your followers. Like some of your followers’ posts, and follow the relevant followers. Share what your followers are interested in, keeping this in mind.

  1. Develop strategy

There may be various reasons for opening an Instagram account, such as brand awareness, new product sharing, adding vitality to your brand. These are all steps that add value to your brand and enable you to reach your goal. Have a strategy about why you make your Instagram posts. Do not share without strategy.

  1. Too much or too little sharing

If you post in short time intervals, you are overposting. If you are posting once a week, you will be posting less this time. Your goal is to create a memorable brand that is followed on Instagram. If you continue to post excessively, you will be spamming and this will annoy your followers. Keep being memorable by posting 2-3 times a day or a week.

  1. Quality shares

Don’t forget that your posts are also content! The quality of your posts tells who your brand is. Your blurry posts will show that you are not professional. Make sure that the content you share on your account is of high quality. Successful results will be achieved when images are shared correctly.”

  1. Private profile

Having a private profile on Instagram means you want to have a limited number of followers somewhere. When you lock your Instagram account, your brand awareness and engagement rate will decrease considerably. Make your Instagram profile public by going to the privacy settings.

You can make your Instagram account more active by learning from these mistakes that are made frequently on Instagram.

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