Social media experts shouting “You must be on social media” are everywhere. Everyone says this, but no one really talks about how it should be. Social media marketing can be very beneficial for businesses when used effectively, but there are basic things you need to know to do it.

Just as with traditional advertising, radio, posters, and even flyers, the results will of course be minimal if you’re targeting the wrong audience. Therefore, let’s listen to the most important advice of 5 experts.

1- “Take the time to learn how social media works” -Charles Gumbley, Director of Flower Telecom

You can get the most basic information about how social media works with free content and referrals on many sites like our site. You can get more professional support by participating in trainings on social media marketing. Which one you do is completely up to you, but you should learn the basics of social media in the best way. In fact, try to learn all the details about how he was born, what happened and how he developed.

2- “Listen to your customers” – Ryan Koechel, chief marketing officer of ABODO .com

The most effective and I think the only way to find out what your customers want is to listen to them. You should also use your social media channels as an extension of your customer service channels. Listening to your audience can open many different doors for you. Be sure to learn what you need to do to listen to them.

3- Use automation to be consistent – ​​Daniel Moravec from StreetSaw

Automation is always good, even if you have full-time employees to manage social media. Do not perceive automation as spam here. I’m talking about tools like Hootsuite with which you can schedule your posts and which also have free plans. If you use them regularly, you will be able to do your regular work without skipping, and you will have time to listen and interact with your customers more.

4- Engage and delight your audience – Roy Surdej of Peaches Boutique

There is one more thing you can do (or rather, you should) apart from constantly sharing content on your social media channels. To interact with them. You can turn them into customers by talking to them, showing that you are listening, and delighting them. The era of one-sided communication is over. If you just share something and go, you’ll miss out on potential customers and ask “why am I not successful?” you think.

You will be surprised how effective it is when you communicate proactively. It is an invaluable boon, especially for small businesses.

5- Don’t get lost in social media channels – elf925 managing partner Jasper Hillaud

Most of the time, brands are trying to be present on each social media channel. You should know that this is almost impossible and also ineffective. 2-3 platforms where you can be really active and make sure you have customers are more than enough. As long as you take part there really actively and effectively. Then, if necessary, you can use them as a jumping off point for other channels.

6- Track and measure everything – Eric Ritter, Founder and CEO of Digital Neighbor.

If you don’t track and measure your work, you’re unlikely to be successful on social media. It is impossible not to measure whether your work is working or not when there is so much data that you can track and measure. Moreover, you can easily use the data you measure to improve your work and the work you do.