It is a fact that we disconnect from daily life while using Facebook and we feel as comfortable as we do with our friends and family. While we browse through funny cat videos, witty caps and messages, we may want to make countless jokes in return, and sometimes make crazy posts about our social life, sometimes that have nothing to do with us.

However, we must remember that our Facebook list is not just made up of close friends we nicknamed each other in high school. Especially if your employer is also part of this list…

At this point, it is useful to remember some points that most of us know but sometimes do not care about…

1. Making use of privacy settings

First of all, it is very important whether your Facebook posts are customized or not. If you have made these settings and you have your boss among the people you do not want your customization list to see your posts, be very comfortable. No problem. For users who do not or do not want to make Facebook sharing settings, it would be beneficial not to write messages about your negative thoughts and feelings about your job.

2. Paying attention to posts during business hours

As in the past, if you complain to your boss about the time you spend in front of the computer related to work, but if you are noticed by your frequent interactions on Facebook, it may not be easy to continue your work life at that company, let alone the shortening of your working hours.

Especially for those working in the education sector, Facebook posts should not be a bad example, even if they do not set an example. For example, it is very important at this point not to seem to encourage young generations to use products such as alcohol, drugs and tobacco that should be avoided.

It is important that you do not make posts that will attract the attention of not only your boss but also your customers. The best tip is to stay away from posts that will hurt your business.

3. Paying attention to the shares on the days off

The posts you make on the day you take leave from work for an important personal reason are especially important. If you do not want it to be thought that you have arbitrarily taken leave and want to avoid work, you should be careful not to make posts that will make you think about it that day and in the coming days.

4. For those who spend their working hours on Facebook…

If you have unwelcome habits (like listening to music while pretending to work, or browsing shopping sites while pretending to be working on something), it’s best not to display them openly in your Facebook messages. Like not sharing content on such sites during working hours…

5. Not to damage the corporate image

It is necessary to be careful that your Facebook posts do not create a negative perception about the institution you work for. Especially in institutions where hygiene is sensitive, especially in places such as restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets, and in the kitchens of such establishments, it is best for the image of the institution as well as for you not to make posts that will make people suspicious of hygiene, or even not to engage in such activities if possible.

Perhaps the best solution would be to exclude your colleagues and boss from this platform, if possible, or to not post about your work on social media. Because we can also witness that even the privacy settings are sometimes helpless, and that some issues are spread by word of mouth or through mutual friends.