Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru

There is no one who has not heard of the rapid growth of Instagram. However, both in Turkey and in many countries of the world, there are many institutions that do not know how and why they should use Instagram. In short, it is a successful platform that will allow you to interact with your Instagram followers and increase your site’s visitor traffic and sales. However, before you start using Instagram, it is necessary to understand why it should be used.

1-    Why Instagram is so popular,

2- How Instagram helps create rich content for visual marketing,

3- How to generate more engagement with Instagram and more traffic from other social media platforms.

The following 5 items, which distinguish Instagram from other social media platforms and make it stronger, will also answer the above questions.

1-    The fastest growing social media site

Instagram announced at the beginning of this year that it passed 200 million active users. Since its founding in 2010, it has taken Instagram just 3.5 years to reach this figure. On the other hand, Facebook reached this figure in 5 years and Twitter in 6.5 years. Only Google+ reached this figure faster than Instagram. It is not a surprise that those who have Youtube and Gmail accounts have reached this figure quickly, since they automatically become a member of google+. However, it cannot be said that all members are active users on google+.

In fact, we can say that Instagram is a platform that users enjoy being on, as the reason for its rapid growth. For example, the young audience can see and follow some features such as where celebrities go, what they do, who they follow. In addition, many TV programs announce that you can follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

2-User Friendly

One of the reasons for the rapid growth of Instagram is that it has a user-friendly use. It allows users to follow whoever they want and see their posts without an algorithm that determines what they see. It has a Twitter-like feed feature and depending on your number of followers, you can log into your account 1-2 times a day and easily see what the people you follow are sharing.

Also, it’s easy to like shared photos. Without the need to search for any like button, users can like the shared photos by clicking anywhere on the shared photo. It is very easy and effective to both share a new photo and interact with other online users.

3- Visual Marketing

Content marketing may still be the “king”, but lately, visual marketing has emerged as a rapidly growing and highly effective marketing model. Whether in social media channels, blogs or print ads, visual marketing conveys stories to users that cannot be created by writing.

One of the most important advantages of Instagram is that it not only shares content, but also creates content. Instagram offers all kinds of tools and methods to re-share a simple photo by uploading an emotional and impressive story. According to the study conducted by the Laundry Service, the content created on Instagram and shared on other social media platforms has a 25% higher rate of likes and impact than the content prepared and shared in the studio environment.

4-    Instagram has a higher engagement rate than other sites

In addition to working by the Laundry Service, it seems that the social media platform with the highest interaction rate compared to other social media platforms is instagram.

Instagram users are much more active and engaged. Compared to other social media platforms, they like more photos and comment more.

5-    Instagram generates higher quality traffic

Perhaps the most important reason that distinguishes Instagram from other social platforms is that it generates higher quality traffic. You cannot add a clickable link to your Instagram comments, but you can generate traffic through the web address on your Instagram profile. You can tell your followers what to do by sharing call-to-action features. Since the profile link on your Instagram profile is the only clickable link, you can direct your followers there. When you share the platform they will reach with your followers (to your sales channel, landing page, blog or homepage), you will always generate higher quality traffic to your site.

The reason we generate high-quality traffic on Instagram is because we clearly tell people what to do, or because we want it. Because users who come to your site from Instagram do not come to your site by accident. Their clicks on the link on Instagram and their effort to visit your site are proof of this.

According to research by Shopify, traffic from Instagram has a higher order rate than other social media sites. However, when the instagram traffic is examined, according to the study shared in EvolvingSEO, the main traffic comes from mobile. Most traffic appears to be directed by normal internet browsers. If you have noticed, when you click on the link on Instagram, you are giving consent to the web browser to visit that site. Website analytics are based on the web browser for traffic coming from Instagram in this way, not the mobile device.

To follow the link, you can create an edited link on and add it to the instagram bio. However, you only need to add this link to your Instagram profile for accurate analysis. Thus, you can easily track how many people have visited your site on Instagram.

Conclusively, of course, Instagram still has many aspects to improve. I believe that many local and international companies will add Instagram more effectively to their marketing strategies in the near future. As with other platforms, Instagram marketing is a time-consuming and productive platform where you need to prepare and share. When you spend enough time and create effective content, I’m sure you will get the interaction and feedback you want.

Do you have an Instagram account? How often do you use Instagram? How is the traffic rate from Instagram to your site compared to other social platforms? I would be glad if you share them with me below.

Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru