İlgi Çekici Instagram Hikayeleri İçin 5 Uygulama

Every user in Instagram wants to have more lively stories. Although some options are offered by the platform, many find it insufficient. Therefore, the question of which Instagram story applications is, is wondered by many users.

There are so many options to use here, they all offer you different and more colorful results. Some options can be given as follows;

  1. Canva
  2. Inshot
  3. Unfold
  4. Storyart
  5. Prequel

All of these applications can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. If you want to get more accurate results, it is recommended to compare the results by doing a story experiment in all of them.


Canva, which can be downloaded for free, offers ready-made templates to users. However, everyone can create new options by using the power of their minds. Colored texts offer fonts and sizes. It has a storage feature, allowing you to work on it in the future.

The application, which has a practical interface, can be easily preferred by every user.


This application, which is preferred by many Instagram members for Instagram story design, can be downloaded for free. It contains over 1,000 stickers and allows you to use the options you want professionally. It offers options such as video trimming, merging, adding music.

It has special effects, so it helps you to get more vivid and likeable results. Elements such as brightness and contrast of videos can also be adjusted. By trying its filters, it is possible to reach different results in a short time.


Unfold, which raises the user experience to the next level, is among the applications you can try to get more different stories. If you do not want to pay a fee, it is possible to download it to your phone without paying any money.

It has over 200 templates, so it allows you to produce higher quality content. Thus, you can create stories that will attract everyone’s attention and increase your views in a short time. It has different and beautiful effects and filters, each of which will help you get better results.

If you want to see what opportunities this application, which is preferred by many users today, offers you, all you have to do is install it on your device.


Storyart, which you can download to your smartphones for free, is among the 5 applications for interesting Instagram stories. It contains over 2,000 story templates. Thus, it is very easy to get different results each time.

The application, which has a small size, does not take up much space on the device. In addition, since it has a practical interface, even new users can learn without difficulty. After downloading it to your phone, you can see what effects and filters it offers, and try the collage options.

Despite the high story template it offers, it can be easily preferred even by those who have space problems, as it has a low size.


Although not known to many Instagram users, Prequel also helps you get more options. With the application that offers more professional results, it is possible to achieve successful results in a short time.

There is an option to customize the filters, so it is quite possible to get custom solutions just for you. Allowing you to achieve aesthetic results in a short time, Prequel also offers a very simple use. Thus, it can be learned without any difficulties.

It has different effects such as Miami, Retro and Prequel Disco, and offers better photo and video editing options. It does not take up much space on the phone and does not cause storage problems with this feature.

All of the applications we have listed here offer practical and fast solutions to get creative Instagram stories. If you are wondering which one will give you better results, you can install it in a short time from your phone’s market application.