Social Media is still a very new concept for some. However, with social media and digital marketing strategies, many different purposes such as brand awareness, sales increase, reputation management and customer satisfaction can be fulfilled. This is the reason why big brands are on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkendin. There are billions of potential customers on these platforms, and if small businesses reach even a fraction of that number, the financial returns will be very high.

There are platforms that will allow you to reach your external target audience and have a higher engagement rate. Instagram.

Many businesses do not spend enough time and invest in Instagram. Probably, many more businesses do not even think about being on Instagram. Instagram, as it is known, is a photo-oriented sharing platform. Whether in the production or service sector, photos are shared everywhere where there is a human being. However, I recommend that other organizations, including small and medium businesses, read the following four reasons to be on Instagram.

1.Instagram has a high engagement rate

According to research, 71% of adults using the internet are Facebook users. In comparison, 26% of internet users use Instagram. However, Instagram users follow and share your posts. The page, which has 1 million followers on Facebook, receives approximately 700 likes, comments and shares. On Twitter, there are 300 interactions per million users. Instagram has an engagement rate of 4.21% per user. This means that Instagram has an engagement rate 58 times higher than Facebook and 120 times higher than Twitter.

So, why is the engagement rate high on Instagram? From the point of view of institutions, since Instagram is a new platform, institutions want to explore this platform. It’s been four years since Instagram was founded, but big companies are only just beginning to realize the true potential of this platform. At the same time, the shares made by users are more interaction-oriented

2.Young people love Instagram

Almost few internet users are active on Instagram. But the truth is that most of the users are younger and more dynamic than users on other social media platforms. This means that teens don’t want to hang out on platforms where their parents are. In addition, young people’s openness to innovation is one of the reasons why Instagram is used a lot.

Corporate companies with young people in their target audience should spare time and invest in Instagram apart from their presence on other social media platforms.

3.Instagram users love to shop

Many Facebook users go to Facebook to stay in touch with their family and friends. On Instagram, this is only dependent on the content shared. 70 percent of Instagram users say they use Instagram to look at brands’ posts. More than 60% of users say they follow brands simply because they like them. Therefore, for corporations, Instagram is a great social media platform for both gaining new followers and creating a loyal customer base.

According to a report shared by Iconsquare, 41% of Instagram users say they follow brands on Instagram to win special discounts and participate in sweepstakes.

4. Why do you think Instagram will be valuable for your brand and institution?

After all, Instagram is a photo sharing platform. Therefore, in order to benefit from the opportunities offered by this platform, which has high customer potential for your brand and business, you need to create interesting content that will enable people to interact with it. In today’s world where user-generated content is popular, your posts don’t need to come from professional photo cameras. Have instant, fresh, simple and interesting posts. Feedback will definitely be positive.