Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru

I can say that I am addicted to Instagram. Many of my close friends, including my wife, witness this every day. From my articles I have written so far and those who know me a little, have already understood this.

Instagram, which has more than 200 million monthly users and millions of photos uploaded every day, is now addicted to people. It would probably be interesting to share the common features of instagram addicts like me. But these are just the ones I have determined, you can share what you want to share with me in the comments section.

Here we go;

1. If you check Instagram throughout the day. According to research, 57% of Instagram users log into Instagram daily.

2. If Instagram is the first app you check when you wake up and the last time you check before going to bed. Then you check one last time after you go to bed.

3. If you haven’t started your meal yet and your meal is getting cold by the time you eat it. After taking the perfect food photo from different angles, you think that the process is complete, but you will share it on Instagram.

4. If you are checking filters without sharing photos. The sunset or the object you photographed, or the cake or cookie. You know very well which filter will give a better image.

5. If you don’t give only one correct answer when they ask which Filter is the best. It makes you feel like you have a master’s degree in Instagram and you recommend different filters.

6. If a folder is created on your phone only for taking photos and editing photos taken. Applications that make photos look more beautiful, make collages easier and add effects to your photos are also included in this file.

7. If the photos you have taken look plain and you do not share them because the back side is not beautiful. If your photo has a plain back, you don’t want to share it.

8. If you are watching the event with your mobile phone to get the best view of the events you have attended. If the images can look better to you while watching the events you attend with the camera.

9. If you buy your new smartphone according to its camera features and quality. If you don’t care too much about the phone’s features, this becomes normal too!

10. If you follow your Instagram stats, the best time to post is if you keep track of your most liked post and how many people unfollowed you. Also, if the photo you just shared was the most liked post and it made you happy

11. If you are wondering how your clothes, jewelry, your photo from the event you attended, look on Instagram. If the post you have made on Instagram does not look good, if you do not want to share it again ;)

12. If you share your posts on Instagram on other social media platforms

Yes, it’s nothing to worry about, you’re addicted to Instagram too.

However, there is nothing to worry about! Your family and friends may not understand it, but it’s okay. You have just become addicted to Instagram and you will continue to do what I listed above. ggggmyimg1

So, are there any features you want to share? Do not leave the comment section blank, you can add to this list, too.

Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru