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10 Social Media Management Tools for SMEs and Corporate Businesses – SME; It is a short name given to small and medium-sized businesses. According to TUIK data, 99% of the enterprises are made up of SMEs.

There is no doubt that social media provides new job opportunities, especially for SMEs. However, this needs to be done correctly and in a planned way.

With the right tool, you’ll save time and manage social media effectively, so your social content strategy really works. In this list, we have listed 10 tools that you can use in social media management. It’s up to you to decide which one is right for your business. Happy reading.

10 Social Media Management Tools for Business

1- Awario

gAwario - İşletmeler İçin 10 Sosyal Medya Yönetim Aracı

Awario is a useful social listening and monitoring tool that can be used by businesses of many sizes. It helps to monitor social media channels and web network to keep track of hashtags, keywords and industry terms.

With the help of Awario, it is possible to obtain serious marketing data and insights by analyzing competitors, customers and niche product opportunities. It also analyzes which words and hashtags users use, in which positions they are located, and the language they use. All these data and more can be useful for different purposes such as brand positioning, reputation management, monitoring social media campaigns.

After the 7-day trial period, you can use it for $29 per month to start.

2- SocialPilot

gSocialPilot - İşletmeler İçin 10 Sosyal Medya Yönetim Aracı

SocialPilot, a social media tool for small teams, includes numerous collaboration features. Working with a wide variety of social media platforms makes it easy to manage your entire social presence from one place.

You can use it to plan, sort, save or repost social media content, as well as create and view your daily, weekly and monthly content calendar.

After a free 14-day trial period, you can use it for $30 per month to start.

3- Sendible


Sendible - İşletmeler İçin 10 Sosyal Medya Yönetim Aracı

Sendible you can send messages to many social media networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. You can not only do social media planning, but also create and plan content for blog platforms (WordPress, Tumbler, Medium and Blogger) with Facebook Ads and Google My Business.

You can use Sendible’s sentiment analysis feature to understand how your social followers feel about the content you send and tailor your strategy accordingly. You can also check whether you’ve met your engagement goals using social listening.

You can test it with a 14-day free trial, then you can continue to use it for $29 a month to start.

4- Mention

Mention -  Sosyal Medya Yönetim Araçları

Let you discover the topics you want or want to follow, follow the content written or drawn about your competitors, the mentioned It helps you understand which content is performing better and develop a content strategy accordingly.

After testing with a 14-day trial period, you can start using it for $25 a month or request a demo.

You can also check out Hootsuite as other similar listening and monitoring tool for social media and web network.

5- 10 Social Media Management Tools for SMEs and Corporate Businesses – Hootsuite


With Hootsuite, which has many features for bloggers, small business owners and even teams, social networking is easy You can add, plan your content, and preview your message before sending it.

Hootsuite offers the opportunity to analyze all of your social media content, not just those posted on the platform. In this way, you can more easily determine the success of your strategy.

You can test Hootsuite for 30 days, then you can choose the one that suits your needs with packages starting from 19€.

6- Buffer


Buffer, which offers the opportunity to follow, share and analyze all social media accounts from a single screen; In addition, it is a versatile social media tool that allows you to set up a team and share tasks within the team.

Bloggers and newbies alike will likely find Buffer’s free plan a good starting point.

After testing with a 14-day trial period, you can switch to the starter package for $15 per month for a start, or you can continue to use it for free.

7- Crowdfire


Crowdfire is a social media tool designed to find new content ideas and share them across platforms. In particular, you can easily schedule and navigate between publications with its calendar format view, drag-and-drop logic.

You can use Crowdfire for free, which also has mobile applications for IOS and Android.

8- Canva


Canva is a versatile tool that has a mobile application and can create content images online. It is a simple platform that includes ready-made patterns and templates, and offers many paid and free options, especially for social media posts. In fact, you can prepare slider and banner images not only for social media, but also for your website and use them instantly.

You can download it here for your iOS device.

You can download it here for your Android device.

9- BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo; It allows us to use many different features such as media monitoring, content research, competitor review, influencer marketing. With BuzzSumo, you can follow the performances of both yourself and your competitors on social media, see their correct and incorrect moves and shape your action plan accordingly.

You can use BuzzSumo, which offers a 30-day trial period, for $99 per month for the pro version.

10- SEMrush


SEMrush is specifically known as an SEO software platform. It also includes tools for social media management on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google My Business.

With SEMrush, which has an image editor, UTM generator and link shortener tools to customize your posts, you can manage your ads specifically on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

With the social media monitor, you can monitor cross-platform interaction with users and collect analytics for reports in a single dashboard.

After the tool, which offers a 7-day free trial option, you can use the pro version for $99 per month.

10 Social Media Management Tools for SMEs and Corporate Businesses – To summarize:

To summarize our list of 10 Social Media Management Tools for SMEs and Corporate Businesses:

Social Media Management Tools for Research and Strategy Development: Awario, Mention, Hootsuite,  SEMrush

Social Media Tools You Can Use for Content Production: SocialPilot, Crowdfire, Sendible p>

Visualization And Video Oriented Social Media Tools: Canva

Advanced Social Media Tools: BuzzSumo, Buffer

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