Instagram Hesabınızda Hikayenizi Paylaşın.

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We continue our series of articles where we talk about ways to drive traffic and grow to your blog and business with Instagram. You can read our first article by clicking on the 10 Rules for Instagram Success – I link for your business.

You have determined a style and general colors for your brand or blog on your Instagram account, right? However, if you are constantly on the same line, after a while, it can create a feeling that there is nothing new on your followers. For this, while determining the style of your Instagram account, share with your followers that will create the impression that they have new experiences. For example; You can share your colorful experiences about your life among your posts about your blog in the same style and colors.

Instagram Hesabınız İçin 6-Değişik İçerikler ve Görüntüler Hazırlayın.


I’m sure you all know about hashtags. But the most successful blogs and businesses on Instagram don’t just use stereotypical hashtags.

If you want to find like-minded people and new followers, here’s what you need to do; is to find and use new and unique hashtags related to your business and sharing. Unfortunately, if you use the same hashtags all the time and don’t change them, it is very difficult to meet new followers. Changing the hashtags you use and using hashtags that are compatible with your work will help you reach new people and followers.

7-İnstagram Profiliniz İle Uyumlu Hashtagler Kullanın.


In addition to putting hashtags in your posts to get new followers, you should interact with your potential followers and customers. It’s probably happened to you before. Instagram pages of businesses or blogs like your posts and leave comments. Often you wonder who this page is and visit the Instagram page.

Here’s what you need to do; is to research the people who use the hashtags you use and like their photos and leave sincere and interesting comments.

People want to be noticed and loved. If you make your interactions for your target audience, you will gain new followers.

instagramda takipçi toplamak


You want to reach more customers or have your blog followed by more people, right? For this, you need to add quality and actionable content to your posts.

The picture or photo you share cannot give the message it wants to give on its own. For this, you should add value to your content with the content you write and encourage your followers to visit your blog or buy products by activating them.

Instagram Paylaşımlarınıza 9-İlgi Çekici Ve Faydalı Açıklamalar Yazın.


Use photos to tell your stories. The beginning of your brand, the product construction stage, the desk you sit at while writing your blog, how you decided to start, what happened, the development stages, etc. Do not forget to share about all these.

All these stories and shares will create a warmer bond between you and your followers and your followers will feel you closer to them. In such a case, they will support you and start to be with you.

So make your development process a marketing story. Leverage photos and your story to make your Instagram account and business a platform where your followers feel closer to you.

Instagram Hesabınızda Hikayenizi Paylaşın.


What Will Be the Marketing Trends of 2018, which we have previously featured on our blog? In our article, we said that Instagram is becoming more and more effective in reaching your potential customers and customers. We hope that we were able to help you with this series of articles.

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