Everyone is sharing beautiful snaps on Snapchat. Well, you can add more different colors, emojis etc to your snaps. How it is made? Here are 10 different tricks you can use on Snapchat…

Record Video Without Pressing the Video Button

There is a solution for those who don’t want to press long while taking videos on Snapchat:
1.Go to your phone’s Settings
2.Choose General
3.Click on Accessibility menu
4.Under Interaction menu Turn on the AssistiveTouch feature. Upon opening this, an icon will appear in the right corner of your screen.
5.Click on the Create New Motion field, move your finger as long as you want by touching the screen and save it.
6.Open Snapchat and click the round icon that appears on the screen before recording the video.
7. When you click on the icon, click on the “Custom” part in the menus that pop up, select the name you saved before and share your video easily.

Catch the Details Using Your Phone’s Zoom

If you want to make my art talk like you do with celebrity snaps, this feature is for you;
1.Go to Settings of your phone
2.Choose General
3.Click on Accessibility menu
br>4.Turn on magnification.
5.Open Snapchat and take a photo. Discover your artistic side with details.

1.Go to Settings of your phone
2.Click on Accessibility menu
3. Go to Image Section and turn on zoom.

3. Using the Filter in a Single Snap

Use sepia filter, location information and temperature filters at the same time! How Do You Do It?
1.Open Snapchat and take any photo.
2.Swipe left for effect and select sepia filter.
3.Then keep the sepia filter without lifting your finger and press another hand with your other hand. select the filter.
4. Remove your other hand from the screen to protect the filter you have chosen and this time swipe for another filter you want.
5.After adding the last filter, share your snap 🙂

How to remember your Snapchat profile
Tell your friends your name but no one can find you? Make profile confusion easy on Snapchat with this short address. USERNAME

Assign a Song to Your Snap

Many users wonder how to add songs to a snap video, but it’s actually so easy… So how?

1.Open the song you want from your phone.
2.Open your Snapchat
3.Start shooting your video 🙂 It’s that easy!

Filtering From Emoji

1.Open Snapchat and take a photo.
2.Add the emoji you want to color the photo you have taken and enlarge the emoji you add.
3.Make the emoji really big so that the color beams on the edge add an effect to your photo. as if to give.

Create Frames for Your Photo

1.Open Snapchat and take a photo.
2.Tap the Text Field (T shape) in the top area and choose a letter from there. The letters “A” “V” “O” are the options we recommend to create a frame 🙂
3.Double click on the letter you choose and change its color if you wish.
4.Enlarge the letter you have chosen and thus create a frame for your photo.

Write Your Snap Text Colorfully

1.Open Snapchat and take a photo.
2.Write any text on the photo using the Text section.
3.Click on the text you wrote again and use one of the colors in the color palette by selecting the letters/words separately.snapchat-renkli-metin

Pin the Emoji you want on your video

1.Make a video on Snapchat.
2.Add whatever you want from the emoji list above to the video you took.
3.Hold on your emoji and focus on the area you want to fix at the first moment of the video.
4.And your video with emoji is ready 🙂

Add Multiple Lines to Your Snaps

1.First, enter your phone’s note app.
2.Here, press the “Pass” button from the first line and add as many lines as you want.
3.Copy all the lines you have added.
4.Snapchat Take a photo or video in . and paste this copied area from the text field on your snap.
5.Type the text you want and share your snap with your friends.